How to Take Care of your Beautiful Eyes

Wear glasses or not, to keep your visual system in shape follow the following tips:

  • Eating habits are very important to take care of our visual health.
  • A healthy diet with the presence of vitamins (A, C, E …) and antioxidant elements has many benefits for eye health.
  • Eye hygiene is also very important. You should not touch or rub your eyes with your hands, as you could expose them to infections.
  • You must protect your eyes from the sun with original and well quality solar lenses, which you can find from a trusted optics shop.
  • Little sleep causes the eye to not recover well from the aggressions of the day. During the night there is a regeneration of the epithelial cells that line the anterior face of the eye.
  • It is very important to illuminate well the object that we are looking at eg. a book, a mobile, TV, etc, but without reflections and the light directly affecting our eyes.
  • We must maintain adequate distance with the objects we are looking at. The TV should be least 2 meters and when we go to read or write try to be about 35-40 cms.

Tips for caring for eye health:

  1. Protect your eyes with approved sunglasses.
  2. Do not get too close when reading or writing, or turn your head or back.
  3. When performing close tasks you should take care of the lighting of the environment.
  4. Do not read or study when you are too tired or about to fall asleep.
  5. Do not read or study as soon as you wake up in the morning, wait at least one hour for the eye to adapt.
  6. Do not watch TV at a distance of less than 2 meters and make sure you maintain a good posture. You must have the room light, never in the dark.
  7. When you drive, avoid reading or other activities closely, it is preferable to look away.
  8. Place the monitor and keyboard aligned just in front of you.
  9. Place the screen about 50 cm away and slightly below eye level.
    Reduce the brightness to a minimum, and position the screen so that there are no reflections.
  10. Adjust the font size of the screen to one that is easy for you to read.
  11. Cleans dust from the computer screen to increase sharpness.
  12. Keep your back and neck straight, your feet flat on the floor and your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.
  13. Try to rest for 2 to 3 minutes every 15 or 20 minutes. Take the opportunity to stretch your arms, legs, and back.
  14. If you wear glasses with anti-reflective treatment, you will reduce glare and increase visual comfort.
  15. Take advantage of breaks to perform other tasks that do not involve the use of the computer.
  16. Undergo vision checks at least once a year. Especially after 40 years and if there is a history of pathologies related to the eyes.