How to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

In WhatsApp a legend is shown when a message is deleted by the person who sent it. The system always has gaps that can be exploited, for example to recover the content .

This news both good and bad. Those who delete messages for some reason can no longer trust anyone to read the message. On the other hand, people who received a text and then appear as unavailable will no longer have doubts about what they were sent.

Although WhatsApp encrypts messages so that third parties cannot access them, through the WAMR application you can recover deleted messages is possible and multimedia files such as photos, videos, voice memos, audio, animated gifs and stickers.

The solution is not definitive, as there is no way to retrieve messages, it only offers a provision solution and therefore has limitations caused by the Android operating system , mainly.

If a chat is silenced or if the user sees a message on WhatsApp and then it is deleted, WAMR cannot save it to the backup. This also means that it is impossible to retrieve notifications received before downloading the application .

Sometimes it happens that the backup messages are not saved because of an Android interrupt. To correct the problem, the user must remove WAMR from all battery optimization services.

Another reason why the application does not work in the right way is because of the lack of connection to a Wi-Fi or an unstable internet network or if the sender deletes the message before WAMR downloads it.

When mobile data is used for the application, some multimedia files may not be downloaded automatically due to the configuration . This can be changed by entering the “Settings” tab of the tool, then click on “Data usage and storage”, once there you have to select the desired media, such as voice memos, stickers or others.

Older versions of Android and the system language can also hinder the operation of the application. It is only available for Android and is obtained by downloading it from the Play Store. It is not for iOS devices , that is, the iPhone.

One issue to consider for the use of WAMR is that the user must allow access to the notification center of the device , which could jeopardize the security of the person’s information.

In general, user comments are positive regarding the application. One of them shared his experience on the problems of the tool, since he does not save the messages when a sender deletes three times in a row and also omits the texts of the numbers not saved in the device.