The summer in the US can be really unpredictable at times so it’s essential to watch for weather data. Most times it can be unbearable heat with surprising rains only to get humid with the sun out again. With all that heat, humidity and pollution, being ready for summer is an unquestionable task. From skin care to clothes, as soon as you feel the temperatures go high, you should start preparing for the summer. Not sure what to do? Don’t worry, we got your back! Keep following further to successfully learn how to prepare for summer weather in the US.

Understanding Summer Weather Patterns in the United States

The US is a big country with varying temperatures across the entire nation. In fact, every region and every state faces different kinds of climate and hazards during summer. You need to be ready for the summer according to the climate and weather conditions of the place you live in.

Most of the Northeast and Midwest regions of the US have a warm and humid climate, with heat waves that occur occasionally. However, July and August bring relief from summers with the hazards of thunderstorms. As for the Southeast region, it experiences hot, humid summers, combined with highly frequent thunderstorms and tropical storms.

The South Central region of the US being landlocked, has hot and dry summers, but with an additional yet occasional risk of hurricanes along the Gulf Coast.

The Southwest region and the West Coast region of the US are known for their hot, dry summers, with an increased risk of wildfires, and even dust storms. These regions sometimes also experience flash floods during the rainy season.

As for Alaska and Hawaii, they have contradictory summers. Generally remains cold most time of the year and experiences mild summers in fact almost cooler summers than any other parts of the US, with frequent rainfall in some regions. Hawaii on the other hand has a very warm and tropical type climate all year long. Hawaii faces an increased risk of hurricanes and tropical storms during the summer months generally.

Essential Tips for Preparing for Summer Weather in the US

Heatwaves and High Temperatures

Stay Hydrated and Cool

Staying hydrated and cool is the most important thing in summer. Due to heat, your body loses a lot of water content to sweating and keeping your body cool. To replenish the lost water content, you have to drink a lot of water and also regulate your body temperature. You should avoid dehydration at any cost. Also, remain in cool environments with fans, and air conditioners as long as possible. You should also wear lightweight and loose clothing to let your skin breathe in a little.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Sun is the biggest enemy of our skin during summers as it damages our skin and even tans it. Prolonged exposure can also lead to skin disease and even skin cancer. You should apply sunscreen generously on your face and body to avoid tanning. Wear Hats and sunglasses for extra protection. Avoid going out at peak hot hours. If you really need to then wear breathable fabric clothes.

Thunderstorms and Hurricanes

Be Weather Aware

Always be aware of the weather conditions and pay notice to the government warnings or changing weather conditions. The weather has become extremely unpredictable since climate change is on the rise.

Secure Your Property

In case, there is a storm or hurricane, close all your windows and doors to minimize any damage that could occur. It is highly beneficial if you have insurance against storms and natural conditions. For people with outdoor gardens, keep your trees trimmed and more.

Wrapping up

With just a bit of awareness, you can be easily prepared for your summer in the US. From sunscreen to clothes, and even knowing what to do in thunderstorms is tough right? Therefore, this article is all you need to know about staying and slaying summers in the US. We hope you found this useful and helpful in preparing yourself for summer.