How to make Loom Bands?

How do you make your BFF feel special on their birthday? Or show them your love on Friendship day? With these handy little homemade bracelets called loom bands of course! Though called “loom” bands but really made without one, they are unique gifts created by hand. They show your dedication and passion towards the person concerned, all the while having some fun. You can totally give them out without any occasion too! Even make some for yourself if you wish. Wait… you don’t know how to make one? There’s nothing to worry about. This step by step guide for beginners to creating those perfect handicrafts has you completely covered. You’d be creating magic with your fingers in no time.

What would you need to make Loom Bands?

There are many ways to make loom bands, including various designs/methods, and the requirements for each differ. We’ll keep it basic for now so that you can progress into the advanced ones later. For now, you’d need around 30 to 40 bands and a plastic C clip for one loom band. You can make these things just with fingers but if you’d like some help, you can do it with hook tool readily available in a loom band kit.

How to make loom bands with fingers?

  1. Gather your materials and place them within reach.
  2. Take a Band and then twist it into a figure 8 before folding it in on itself, forming a circle.
    Slide this inside the C clip.
  3. Now you’d have a hole formed by Band 1 halfway through which you slide Band 2 and hold the ends of Band 2 together. Halfway through the open spaces in Band 2, pinch and slide another Band.
  4. Band 3 should now look like Band 2 did earlier. Continue this chain until you feel comfortable with the length. Slide the open ends of the final Band through the C clip and viola, you are done!

Making loom bands with hook tool

A hook, alongside a Loom Band kit, can help you make these much faster. Simply use the instructions provided along the set. In short, you just have to use the provided pegs and hook to weave the bands together in a similar design as the previous method. This’d strain your fingers less and may be really helpful for kids who want to take part in this activity. After all, everyone deserves to have fun!

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