How to Invert Colors on iPhone and iPad

In your iPhone there are a lot of features that are very useful and you didn’t even know about. One of such features is ‘Invert Colours’ Feature. Apple gives this amazing feature of inverting the colours to help you adjust the colours of your phone according to your comfort and situation.

Some people prefer to invert the colours of their device during unusual lightening support. While other people with some disabilities like colour blindness prefer to keep it inverted.

If you want to invert the colours of your iPhone for any reason, this article is for you. Here is how you can Invert the colours of your iPhone in a few steps.

How to Invert the Colour on iPhone

You need to follow the below mentioned steps: –

1. Grab your device and open the setting.

2. Now select Accessibility

3. In the Accessibility you will find Display & Text Size, Tap on that option.

4. On the redirected page scroll the list downwards and you will see two options as – ‘Smart Invert’ and ‘Classical Invert’. Choose any option of your choice and the change will come into effect immediately.

Here you need to understand the difference between Smart Invert and Classic Invert. Smart invert, inverts the colours of your iPhone partially. Your home screen and lock screen will not be effected much and the colours will be inverted for some particular apps. While on the other hand Classic Invert will invert the colours of your whole device including Home Screen and Lock Screen as well.

How to Invert the Colours on iPhone Pictures

Another difference between Smart Invert and Classic Invert highlights at the time of viewing the pictures on your iPhone. Smart Invert does not work on photos or videos. While Classic Invert helps you in viewing even the photos and videos in inverted version.

So, to Invert the colours on iPhone Pictures, follow the above-mentioned steps and choose ‘Classic Invert’.

How to Invert Colours on iPhone Shortcut

The process seems quite lengthy to change the settings often? If you want to switch your colours setting frequently according to your need and comfort, you can setup a shortcut for your device by following these simple steps –

1. Go to Settings

2. Scroll down to reach the Accessibility Shortcut

3. Now you will see the list of features you want to add in your shortcut. Choose Smart Invert and Classic Invert from the list.

Now whenever you need to switch the colour settings to inverted colours, simply click your power button three times (Triple Clicking the Power Button) to access the shortcut.

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