How to Get Whatsapp Payment and Send Money

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What is Whatsapp Pay?

Whatsapp pay is an UPI based payments app rolled out by whatsapp. THe users have to link their bank accounts which support UPI and after that can use this app for transferring money to their friends and contacts by entering their UPI ID as in the case of other UPI based payments app. The beta version of the app was launched in India in February 2018 and till now it supports all the major banks of the country which includes SBI, HDFC, ICICI and many others. When it was released in the starting phase, you could send money only to your contacts but with recent developments you can pay money to anyone only by having their UPI ID. Now they also have introduced the transferring service by just scanning the QR code of the receiver’s phone.

How to Use Whatsapp Pay on Android?

Whatsapp Pay was rolled out to select users of Android and iphones. Therefore one needs to ask his friend who already has the payments app to invite you to whatsapp pay. Once you get the invitation and download the latest version of whatsapp accordingly, you can start using the payment feature in the whatsapp pay app. Here are the steps to follow to get your whatsapp payments activated on the android devices:

  • First of all open your latest whatsapp app and click on three dots on the right side at the top.
  • After that click on Payments to add a bank account.
  • Click on “Bank Account” and select “Add New Account” option.
  • After that tap on “Accept and Continue” to agree to the terms and conditions of the payments app.
  • After this process, tap on “Verify via SMS” and follow the instructions given by the app to add the bank account in the whatsapp payments app.
  • After that you need to select the bank for which you want to link the account.
  • After you select the bank, your phone number will be verified by the bank automatically and after all the successful transaction, your whatsapp payment account will be set up.

You can add as many bank accounts to this app and can make one account as primary to send money to your contact list.

How to Use Whatsapp Pay on iPhone?

Now we will learn how to set up whatsapp pay on Apple devices such as iphone. These are the steps to follow to set up your whatsapp payments on the iPhone:

  • Open the whatsapp on your ios device.
  • Tap on “Settings” Located on the bottom right corner of the whatsapp window.
  • After that tap on the “Payments” located on the screen.
  • Then you need to click on “Add New Account” to add the bank account.
  • After that you need to tap on “Accept and Continue
  • You will be asked to verify your phone number via SMS.
  • After the phone number is verified, you can see all the partner banks listed with whatsapp pay.
  • Select the bank you want to link to your whatsapp account and create a UPI Pin as prompted by your bank.
  • After the app is verified by the bank, tap on “Done” to confirm and you are ready to use whatsapp pay on your iPhone.

How to Use Whatsapp Pay to Send Money?

As now we are already aware about setting up whatsapp payment, now the next step is to send and receive money with the app. Whatsapp payment is a peer to peer service and you can send money only person to person. Now to send the payments from whatsapp you need to follow the steps which are given below:

  • Open the whatsapp app on your phone.
  • After that open the chat window of the person to whom you want to send the money.
  • Then tap on “Attach” below which looks like a clip in the chat window if you are using an android device.
  • If you are using an iphone, you need to tap on the “+” icon on whatsapp window.
  • Then you will be able to see a “Payment” option there.
  • You will see the recipient name on the payment screen and then enter the amount of money you want to send and tap on “Send Money“.
  • Now you will be prompted to enter the UPI Pin you have created while registering for the payment to get completed.
  • After the payment is done, you will see a notification of the transaction you have done. 

As we can see from the above steps, it is a very simple process. If you had added multiple accounts, payment will be done through the account which you have selected as a primary account. If you want to send from another bank than your primary account, click on the bank account and you will see all the linked accounts with your whatsapp pay.

Whatsapp Pay Apk

As whatsapp has already rolled out its beta version for the whatsapp pay, the user needs to sign up for the beta testing of the app. You can download whatsapp pay apk beta version by clicking on this following link which will redirect to your google play store

WhatsApp Payments Apk Download

After you have downloaded the apk of whatsapp pay app you will have to install the app on your phone and check all the features of this payments app launched by whatsapp.

How to Use Whatsapp Pay in Store?

Whatsapp Payments app is still new and they have not started the merchant payments as of now. It may get launched in the further updates after they have launched the app commercially for the users. Till then users of whatsapp payment have to be content with person to person payments through UPI handle.

What is the Daily Limit of Whatsapp Pay?

Whatsapp has limited the number of transactions through their payments app to 20. The persons using whatsapp pay can transfer money to the same vpa 20 times in a day or you can send money times to 20 different vpas in a day. As per now whatsapp payments have set the daily limit to Rs 1,00, 000 per day for a single user and a person can send a maximum of Rs 5000 in a single transaction.

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