How To Get Gst Invoice From Amazon

What is GST

GST which stands for Goods and Service Tax was implemented in India from 01 July 2017 for collecting tax on the products or services purchased. GST is an indirect tax that is applicable to all the sellers, businessmen, and consumers of any type of service or product. With the implementation of GST, all other taxes that are imposed by the center and state Governments on products or goods will be replaced. GST has already proved to be a big step by the Indian Government towards collecting the tax on goods. GST has combined all the taxes collected by state and center Governments into one single tax.

GST is very beneficial for the common people as it has reduced the amount of taxes that he has to pay to a great extent.

GST Counselling has announced the list of various categories of GST tax for different products and services. Depending upon these categories, a GST of 5% to 28% is charged up based on different products.

What is GST Invoice

GST Invoice is basically a bill-like document that is issued by the vendor to the customer. The service provided by the vendor to the customer or the products sold is mentioned in this invoice. Although an invoice is similar to a bill, it contains much other information. As in a bill, only the amount of the products purchased is mentioned, but in an invoice, the quantity of the product is also mentioned. The invoice also contains the following information:

  • Balance Amount
  • Address of Customer
  • Customer ID
  • Details about the retailer and the customer

The invoice is mainly used by online shopping sites like Amazon. If you have ever purchased anything from an eCommerce website like Amazon or any other, then you must have checked that a document or paper is attached with the product that is delivered to you. This document is known as an Invoice.

Suppose you have purchased a handwash dispenser from Amazon, so when you receive this product at your mentioned address, a paper is attached with the delivery parcel. This document contains all the information about the handwash dispenser like its make, price, color, brand or manufacturing company name, your address, name, and a lot more information.

An invoice is usually sent by the vendor or service provider after an order is shipped. Invoice can be in the form of a hard copy ie. paper or in the form of a soft copy that is usually sent to the customer’s email address.

The purpose of a GST invoice is to obtain the tax on the items or products sold. According to Section 31 of the CGST Act, 2017 there is a fixed format of the GST Invoice. The format of the GST Invoice contains the following information

  • Invoice Number and the Date of Issuing
  • Name of the customer who ordered the product
  • Billing and Shipping Address of the Customer
  • Location of Supply
  • GSTIN of the Taxpayer and Customer
  • Harmonized System of Nomenclature Code i.e HSN Code
  • Amount applicable for the Tax
  • Applicable Discount
  • Signature of the vendor or product supplier

How to get GST invoice in Amazon

To get a GST invoice in Amazon you must have a business account with Amazon. Without having a business account you can’t get a GST invoice. Suppose you have a normal account on Amazon and you select a product worth Rs. 118. In this amount Rs. 100 is the price of the product and Rs. 18 is the GST tax. But with a normal account, you don’t have an idea about how much is the GST. Therefore you have to create a business account. Follow the below steps to create a business account on Amazon and download the GST invoice.

  • Open the official website of Amazon through this link
  • After opening the above link, you will see an option ‘Hello, Sign In’ on the top right-hand side.
  • By moving the cursor on this option, a drop-down will appear where you will see an option ‘Your Amazon Business Account’
  • When you choose this option, a new window will open up.
  • Here you will see various options. You have to follow the further instructions to create your business account on Amazon.
  • When you have created a business account on Amazon, then upon selecting any product, you will see the price of that product along with GST.
  • To download the GST invoice, you have to visit the ‘Your Orders’ section.
  • Here you have to find the relevant order for which you want the GST invoice.
  • After finding the desired order, click on it.
  • By scrolling a little down, you will see an option ‘Download Invoice’
  • Once you click on the ‘Download Invoice’, the GST invoice will be downloaded into your device in the form of a PDF.

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