How To Forward a Text Message on iPhone

Your iPhone has better and more options than you know. There are a number of options that are still unknown to some people. Like, to forward a text, or to show some important message to someone, people take the screenshots and send it to the concerned person which is totally useless.

The person can’t use it anywhere. Also, if the text carries any kind of link, it becomes useless for others as they can’t visit that link from a screenshot. So, that’s why you should know how to forward the text on your iPhone.

In how Many ways you can Forward a Text on iPhone

So, basically there are two ways in which you can forward a text to someone. The first method is by simply forwarding the text using a direct method. The other way is by copying and pasting the text. Let’s know how to forward the text using these two methods.

Forwarding the Text on iPhone by forward option

The first option we have is forwarding the text with the Direct Forward option. For this you need to follow the below mentioned steps –

  • Go to Messages.
  • Open the conversation whose text you want to forward.
  • Long Tap on the text you want to forward.
  • You will see the options in the pop up list. Select More from the options.
  • Now you will see an arrow pointing towards the right in the bottom right. Tap on that arrow.
  • Select the recipient you want to send it to. Select the recipient and you’re done.

See, it was this simple.

Forwarding the Text on iPhone by Copy and Paste option

Another method of forwarding the Text on the iPhone is the copying & pasting method. You just need to follow these steps –

  • Follow the same process till long taping on the text.
  • Now you will see another option ‘Copy’. Copy your text from there.
  • Turn back and open the inbox of the person whom you want to forward that text.
  • Long Press on the text bar and the option ‘Paste’ will appear.
  • Paste your Text there and send it.

Can we automatically Forward Text Message through an iPhone?

Well, there is no particular way to forward the Text Message on an iPhone automatically. But there are still some ways by which you can forward the text message automatically on the iPhone. You can either use Mighty Text or iCloud to do so.

How to Forward Text Messages Automatically?

To automatically forward the Message on iPhone follow these steps –

  • Go to Messages
  • Now go to Text Message Forwarding from the options
  • Turn on the forwarding switch
  • Mention the phone number or email address from which you want to forward the text.

How can I Forward the Text automatically from iCloud

  • Sign in to your iCloud Account.
  • Click on Messages
  • Tap on Preference
  • Choose Forwarding

How to Forward Text to Other Chatting App on iPhone

You will feel really happy to know that you can even forward a Text to someone through other Chatting Apps also like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. Follow these steps –

  1. Follow the same procedure till long tapping on the text you want to forward.
  2. Click on Copy.
  3. Open the other App, from which you want to forward the Text.
  4. Open the inbox of the recipient.
  5. Long Press on the text bar and click on the pop message ‘Paste’ the text there.
  6. Send the text.

And you’re done. Your text is forwarded successfully without decreasing the authenticity of the text.

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