How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android and iphone

The dark mode option has already became a popular feature in Youtube, Twitter and many messengers. After Twitter, YouTube and Messenger, it’s the turn of Instagram. The dark mode is a very popular feature among users and allows you to set a dark background and put the view to sleep at night. By taking into account the popularity of dark mode, Instagram has also implemented dark mode for iOS 13, Android 10 and it can also be found on Android 9 Pie.

Check out how to activate the dark mode on Instagram. As mentioned above Night mode or Dark mode is becoming popular on both Android smartphones and iPhones because its main advantage is that you don’t have to strain your eyes, mainly when you use your phone in a low-light or in night.

How to Enable the Instagram Dark Mode on Android 10

You have to follow the below steps to enable the dark mode of Instagram on a smartphone which has an Android operating system.

  • Turn on the permission to install external applications on your mobile phone with Android.
    Visit Settings.
  • Verify that the Download from unknown sources or any such other kind of things which stops downloading from outside applications is active.
  • After this you have to download the updated app with Instagram Dark mode.
    Now install the new application.

After installing the dark mode of Instagram, it can be activated just by setting the dark mode straight from your Android smartphone. It requires only the settings from your smartphone as there is no feature to enable it from Instagram itself. Here we would like to mention it again that, this feature is exclusively available for Android 10 and Android Pie 9.0.

How to install Instagram Dark mode on Android 9 Pie

Before starting using Dark mode of Instagram on Android 9 Pie smartphones, you must check that the Instagram v114. or higher version is installed on your smartphone.
If you have not installed the latest version of Instagram, then first update it from the Google play store. In case you remained in a previous version, update the app from the Play Store.

Follow the below steps to use Instagram Dark mode on Android 9 Pie smartphones:

  • Open updated Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • In the bottom right corner, click on the icon of your profile.
  • In the top right corner, visit the settings menu.
  • From the drop down menu click on the settings item.
  • Now click on the Themes and then choose Dark.
  • You are done and now able to use Instagram Dark mode on Android 9 Pie smartphone.

How to enable Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone

Like on Android, it is also possible to install the Dark mode of Instagram on iOS enabled mobile phones. Installing the Dark mode of Instagram on iphones is very simple as compared to Android enabled smartphones. The reason for this is, the latest version of iOS i.e 13 allows you to enable the Instagram Dark mode directly without any updated.

One thing to note out here is that, currently the Dark Mode of Instagram is under testing ie. currently only its beta version is available and until it is launched completely, it will not be possible to use it in all iOS enabled phones.

As downloading the external applications on iPhones is not possible, so to use Instagram Dark mode, the users have to wait until it is launched completely.