How to Earn money with AirDrops

Many platforms nowadays ensure that they will give money just for being one more member. Others simply say that they will give good economic remuneration for a job. But many end up being just a false promise or false publicity. Reason why it is very important to be aware of what are the platforms that they pay the time that users spend on the work or activities they offer. Today, in particular, we will show you how to make money with Airdrops.

It is an excellent platform that offers the opportunity for each of its users to earn a good economic remuneration in exchange for a very simple job to perform. Best of all, payments are made in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is a cryptocurrency. If you are a little familiar with this term, then you will know the great importance that these cryptocurrencies have in the current market and the reasons why more and more users join this platform.

Formerly known as Digital Artists Online (DAO),now it has been renovated to be called just Airdrops. If it catches your attention the fact that you can get Bitcoin Cash (BCH) quickly, easily and for free. Then you have reached the ideal platform. Since in Airdrops you can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from the moment you register. Best of all, you can earn unlimited money on Airdrops. So, in this case, your income can be chosen by you depending on the time you decide to invest in it.

The longer the time you dedicate, then the greater your earnings. Of course, it’s not a tedious job in which you have to enslave yourself all day every day. Simply by working a few minutes a day, you will start to see that juicy extra income. Which doesn’t hurt anyone. The biggest advantage of this type of work is that you can choose your schedule. Like if you want to take a couple of days off you are in your right. It’s just a matter of organizing well so that your finances are a success.

This is a platform that was launched at the beginning of 2017. In its beginnings, Airdrops helps generate money thanks to the fact that it paid in Bitcoin. However, this is something that changed because of the high commissions that this produced. So at the beginning of the year, 2018 Airdrops continues to pay but now through Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This platform continues to grow steadily by adding new features and improvements to help users earn a lot of money with Airdrops. Regarding payments, they are made promptly on a weekly


Registration is as simple as any other faucet. There are several ways to register with Airdrops and earn money. Where the first is simply Go to the main page of the platform which is and click where it says “Register”. Then you must enter your basic information such as name, surname, email address and create an access password.

Next, you must go to your email inbox, verify that an email has arrived for you to verify your account. You must click the verification link and you’re done. You will already be registered to start earning more money with Airdrops. The second method is much simpler. Once you’re on the Airdrops homepage to earn extra money. You just have to click where it says “Login with your Facebook account and that’s it. Your account will be created automatically by synchronizing it with your data from this social network.

You must be attentive if your computer is used by several people or you have more than one Facebook account. Since if by mistake you get to access the Airdrops platform to earn money but with the login of an account outside the initial. The platform can detect it as a multi-account. So the penalty would be to block your account for trying to create more than one with the same IP address.

This is because many people try to create many accounts to generate much more money on Airdrops. But this is something dishonest and unfair. More for the rest of the users that are affected. Because the platform having so many users who want to generate more money with Airdrops decreases profits for everyone. In this way be something equitable for each of the active users.


To begin with, it is good that you consider the fact that in Airdrops you can earn money. Thanks to the 6 pages that currently continue to offer Bitcoin Cash. These pages that are associated with Airdrops to generate extra money are the following: Paid Books, Bit of News, Dalien Games, Game of Weight Loss, Blockchain Stats and TubersTV. All you have to do to start making money on Airdrops is to solve simple captchas. The biggest advantage that Airdrops offers to generate more money is that you can do it unlimitedly.

To access each of these pages and start earning more money on Airdrops. You must click on the icon. Once you have had access to each of the pages, you must find a widget. Which will differentiate it by having a square shape, is a counter. In pages such as Game of Weight Loss or Blockchain Stats, you will see it below everything. While in the rest you must click on a section in the form of a circle to display it. Once you’ve found it, you just have to click on the option that says “Claim my Reward”. Then you must solve a simple captcha and that’s it. The corresponding amount of points will be automatically credited to your Airdrops account to get money.


If previously the referral system that has this faucet is very promising. And if you thought that with Airdrops you generate a lot of money. Well, with the referral system you will earn more money on Airdrops. Since it offers 25% of each of the claims made by all your referrals. This particular system, unlike others, has only one level. Which is unlimited, so you can have all the referrals you can get. It is just a matter of applying a little cunning and think well about the strategy to be used to acquire as many referrals as possible. Remember that the more referrals you have, the greater your monetary gain will be with Airdrops.

To find your referral link you simply have to go to the main menu. Next, you must click on the green option that says “Earn Commission” or “Earn Commissions”. An ideal strategy to obtain many referrals and therefore earn more money on Airdrops. It’s promoting your link on your website or blog. In case you don’t have them, then simply share it on your social networks. If you manage to get many referrals then you will have a good network that will passively help you earn a lot of money on Airdrops.


Payments are usually made every Wednesday of each week without fail. But for this, you must be attentive to request your payment no later than Monday of each week preferably before 10 in the morning (at UK time). If for any reason you have forgotten to request your payment or the time of day has passed, be quiet. You just have to wait until next Wednesday to receive the money obtained with Airdrops and that’s it.

To request your payment you must have at least a minimum of 106,000 mBCH. On the other hand, you can choose to accumulate your money earned on Airdrops and make a withdrawal with a much higher sum. On this platform so far payments are made only to the wallet of It is important that you have already established or registered your Coinbase account on this platform so as not to have problems when requesting your payment. To do this you simply click on the option that says “My Account” / “My Account” or “Settings” / “Settings”. In any of these two options, you can place your email from Coinbase.


Many platforms currently promise to make you earn extra money. However, few offer to pay in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 100% free. This is undoubtedly an excellent way of saving since cryptocurrencies are booming and despite their monetary values ​​rising and falling. The climbs are good for what they are worth waiting for. Also in case you prefer to spend your money at once and not save. There is also no problem since it is your money and you choose what you will do with it. The most promising thing about this faucet is that the profits are unlimited. So it will simply depend on the time you decide to invest in it. You should keep in mind the fact that the more time you invest, then the higher your future compensation will be.

This is a very simple job to do. Best of all, you don’t need prior preparation. If you have ever had to solve or transcribe any captcha. Then you are more than ready to start this work. Since it simply consists of just solving or transcribing simple captchas. As you will see it is a very simple job that will take you little time to carry out. Best of all, these captchas are available unlimitedly. So you can easily access the platform whenever you like to do your corresponding activity and earn that extra money that you want so much.

This can be summarized as the ideal job for all those who wish to generate extra income. Or those people who simply feel they have a lot of free time and would like to be a little productive and generate some money for their enjoyment and enjoyment. Here is the opportunity that Airdrops offers by offering this wonderful form of income. Also, it does not matter how old you are (of course the right thing is that you are of legal age so that you do not have any inconvenience in managing your finances). There are simply no excuses here, it’s just a matter of proposing and working.

So if your dream is one day not having the obligation to leave home to meet a rigorous sched