How to Delete PhonePe Transaction History Permanently

What is PhonePe

In today’s modern life, mobile payment services have gained a lot of importance. The popularity of these mobile payment services has increased a lot because they are providing a lot of functions and features that are offered by banks. PhonePe is one such mobile payment app that is basically a digital wallet and it allows mobile users to make contactless and cashless transactions. With the help of PhonePe, anyone can send or receive money instantly and anywhere just by using their mobile device which has an internet connection.

What is PhonePe transactions History?

Today is time the time of digitalization and most smartphone users are now using at least one of the mobile payment services like PhonePe for doing online transactions like sending or receiving money, doing online shopping, recharges, movies ticket booking, and a lot of more. When you make any payment through your PhonePe app, then the record of all these payments done by you is recorded in the app. This record of all your transactions made via PhonePe is simply known as ‘PhonePe’ transaction history.

Many times it happens that we forget our mobile phone in the house or somewhere else and later realize that there is some sensitive information in it like some personal details, history of browser or transaction history of PhonePe, etc. We usually have to face disappointment in such cases because we don’t want this kind of information to be revealed to any other person. Everyone loves privacy, even if there is not anything too private, but still, we don’t want anyone to know the history of our PhonePe account.

So if your motive is to clear the history of PhonePe as you don’t want to let others know what transactions you have made through your PhonePe account, then n this situation we want to delete all the history of PhonePe.

PhonePe is continuously adding new features to the app since its launch. It is introducing more and more functions in order to facilitate its users. One such feature is the ability to manage the privacy of users so that users will be able to remove their transaction history. PhonePe is providing this possibility to the users to completely remove the history of their PhonePe account so that this information is not visible to anyone like a member of our family or relative who sometimes uses our phone.

How to check transaction history on PhonePe

Follow the below steps to check the transaction history on PhonePe

  • First of all, open the PhonePe app on your mobile phone
  • On the home screen, you have to scroll a little down.
  • After scrolling down, you will see an option ‘See All Payment Activity’
  • Click or tap on this option.
  • Now all the transactions done by you through PhonePe will be visible to you.

Why it is required to remove PhonePe Transaction History

There are many reasons why we have to delete the transaction history of our PhonePe account.

  • The first and the major reason for deleting the transaction history of PhonePe is that, sometimes our mobile phone or shared between various people like family members, relatives, etc. In such a case to maintain privacy, it is necessary to remove the PhonePe history.
  • There are rumors that Google also keeps a record of our transactions, so in order for Google not to keep track of our transactions, we should remove the PhonePe history.

Steps to delete PhonePe transaction History

Here we want to let our reader know that, practically it is not possible to delete the transaction history of PhonePe directly. So for deleting or clearing the transaction history of your PhonePe, you have to send a request to their customer support through message. 

In this article, we will explain in detail all the steps that you need to perform in order to delete or hide the history of your PhonePe account. So just take out few minutes and follow the steps mentioned below to delete the history of your PhonePe account comfortably sitting at your home.

  • First of all, you have to log into your PhonePe account by entering your username and password.
  • You will see a Question mark icon i.e ? at the upper right side of your PhonePe home screen.
  • Now click on this Question mark icon and then you will be moved to the Help section.
  • Here you will see options like ‘My Account, ‘KYC’, ‘App issues’, ‘Account related issues, etc.
  • From this list of options, you have to choose ‘Account related issues’
  • After that, you will have to select the ‘Delete’ option.
  • In the next step, you will have to click on the Contact Us option.
  • Then you will have to specify in detail the reason for deleting your PhonePe transaction history.
  • Now Submit this message and a ticket for deleting your PhonePe transaction history will be generated.
  • You will receive a call or message from the customer support team of PhonePe within few days for confirming the deletion of PhonePe history.
  • Once you confirmed, your PhonePe transaction history will be deleted permanently.

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