How to be a Happy Person all the Time

Self-improvement boils down to slowly developed. samll increments- our precoius, overlooked hours, and the gradual evolution of self.

Drink as much Water as Possible

Water is vital for our brain and nervous system funtions! if you’re in the slightest bit dehydrated(even by 1%). you’re more likely to have a decrease in reasoning. attention, memory, and language, Drink up!

Express Gratitude

whether it be an appreciation phone call, surprise flowers, or a simple prayer to emit positive energy towards our loved ones. gratitude helps us see the world differently,and allows us to open up and become more vulnerable!

Get Up Early in the Morning

Feel the sun gently tugging at you to wake up, and get all you need to get done by 11am! Plus, studies have shown that early risers are more proactive. which means better job opportunities, better job performance, and even allows you to become better at minimizing problem!

Learn to Forgive

Sometimes we become our ego and forget to drop the heavy weight off our shoulder. This self-blockage ceases us from letting go and moving on, and hinders our ability to create long-lasting, trusting relationship. Wipe the slate clean! Not only for others, but yourself as well.

Remove Unnecessary items

A clean, organized space will also create a clean, organized head space as well. Less is truly more, and once you pinpoint and recognize the necessary. you will not allow any of which doesn’t belong.

When to Stay Calm and When to Speak

Listen to your gut and figure out whether speaking up will actually influence the rude individual to change or become a better person , or if it will only spark and unproductive, snappy retort.


The simple act of journalism has the ability to change your life by providing you with clarity and organization, which in turn, aids you in manifesting your dreams and desires, while also allowing negative emotions to pass through without them feeling like a permanent obstacle.

Overcome Negative Energies

Your space is sacred. You need to be fiercely territorial with yourself. Do not allow negative and individuals envelop your space. At the end of the day, your space, your wellbeing, is all you have.