How old is too old to Trick-or-Treat?

Kids, youngsters & all the loving people out here! Get ready to embrace yourself for the time that you wait for round the year. Time has come when the leaves have started to change and football is set in full swing.

Halloween means trick-or-treating for the kids. The younger ones enjoy it while parents take it as a tough call to deal with preteen and teen trick-or-treaters. Teens out there find it frustrating while the parents and the neighbors distribute the candies.


Most of the teens are found to be taller than parents and lack the Halloween costume. They get in the way of the little kids who struggle to make it to the door for the candies. They are often out however, later than the kids’ trick-or-treaters and ring the doorbells when the people either go out of stock for candies or they call off the day.

If you are still confused then here are some tips so that you may decide if trick-or-treating is actually the great option for pre-teens or the teenagers between 12 to 15 ages.

    • Grade school children tend to have an event at school or a holiday party so that they may get in the holiday spirit.
    • The children who are above 5th grade do not get emphasized about trick-on-treating in school. The kids start to look out for other ways in which they can enjoy Halloween.
    • If the youngsters in the age 13 and 14 years want to get participated in trick-or-treating, then you can persuade them to experience the youngsters’ fun.
    • Encourage your teens to help the younger sibling to get dress up for trick-or-treating and give the candies to teen and pre-teen neighbors. In this way, teens will have fun and you will get the extra hand for support and you can even get the break on busy night.
    • Try some great alternatives so that 12 to 15 years old young ones can enjoy.
  • The elder teens just want to have fun and party with their friends. There are some church groups that host Halloween parties.

You can also persuade them to visit a haunted attraction with their friends or you may also invite their friends and other people to watch the classic horror movies or you may host a costume party at your place. Let your older kids understand that the purpose of trick-or-treating is to help yours younger siblings to enjoy, dress up and play.

You should ask your pre-teens what is their purpose of having trick-or-treat. If they are just looking for the fun to celebrate then suggest them other options to have fun.

Just keep it in your mind that older kids want to enjoy holidays including Halloween. Suggest and encourage them age-appropriate games and activities so that they can have fun with their friends.

What time does Trick-or-Treating start?

Trick-or-treat is the favorite part for kids on Halloween. Just imagine, a stranger opens his or her door and kids scream as trick-or-treat. But have you known the significance of these words? What is its actual meaning? Dress up in the favorite costumes and ringing the bells of neighbors and then asking them for treat is an ancient affair of Middle Ages. At that time it was not a game.

During that period, poor people used to make rounds to beg for food and in return they used to pray on All Souls Day for the dead. The modern practice of trick or treat has become a custom and it has been taken from guising, kids still do it in Scotland.

What does guising involve? It involves dressing up in a costume, sing a rhyme, perform a card trick and tell a story when you get a sweet or candy in return. In 19th century it was brought by the Scottish and Irish to America.

However, people have found the term trick-or-treat in print in 1927 at Alberta in Canada.

Up till 1930s this practice was not owned by United States as it was not received well. Some adults used to get puzzled or disgruntled on the demand of a treat. In 1948, the Madison Square Boys Club in New York marched a Halloween parade carrying a banner that had a message as- ‘American Boys Do Not Beg’. However, by 1952 it became a custom and accepted whole heartedly that it started to get mentioned in Ozzie and Harriet- the family television show.

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