How Construction Workers Can Prepare for Rain

Not too many people enjoy working outdoors while it’s raining, but sometimes, there’s no avoiding it. Construction workers often have to work in the rain, which can be dangerous because of the cold temperatures and the arisk of slipping. Check out how construction workers can prepare for rain to stay dry and safe.

Rain-Proof Your Construction Site

An ill-timed shower can easily delay many kinds of construction sites. To avoid rain destroying a part of your site, always tie down loose structures and store as much gear as possible in places that won’t flood. If there are tools lying out on scaffolds, bring them in somewhere dry and away from the wind.

Move Slowly

When working on construction projects, there’s usually pressure to complete the job in a timely manner. However, when you’re working in the rain, it’s okay to move more slowly than usual. Keeping everyone safe will actually do more to help the project in the long term. For example, if someone trips and injures themselves, your team will be short a worker, making it harder to get the job done.

Watch Out for Lightning

Construction workers can also prepare for rain by staying away from anything that could become a lightning rod. A lightning rod is usually a metal rod that tall buildings use to divert lightning strikes to the ground. Unfortunately, tall steel structures like cranes can sometimes attract lightning, too, making them very dangerous during storms.

Wear Waterproof Clothing

Regular jackets and gloves may keep you warm on a cold day, but they can’t protect you from water. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a separate set of gear for rainy days with clothing that is warm and waterproof of water-resistant. Make sure to get gloves with anti-slip grips on the fingers and palms, and choose a coat with a hood and collar that zips all the way up to your chin.

Use Hi-Vis Gear

In addition to slipping, one of the other major dangers while working on construction projects is other people not seeing you. For road construction, this is particularly dangerous. Always wear hi-vis clothing in the rain to make sure motorists can see you clearly. It’s important because rain often obscures things while people are driving, making it harder for them to realize there are people nearby.

Working on a construction site in the rain might not be fun, but there are things you can do to make it less dangerous. Wear the right clothing, be cautious, and keep your equipment away from water, wind, and lighting.

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