Google Plans to Merge of Chrome OS and Android

As Chrome OS started appearing on chromebooks, tech market got flooded with debates. The debate can be summarized as- Great job Google, but it can be combined with Android to make it better. If the reports of The Wall Street Journal are believed then Google is working on this.

Chrome OS is going to fold with Android. Android will now be more PC friendly. Chrome OS and Android will combine to make a new operating system that will work at single platform and accessible to Play Store as well. By next year, Google is planning to launch an early version of the same.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this shift is anticipated over the years. In 2013, Sundar Pichai became the in charge of Chrome OS and Android both. If it is the reason that these will rise jointly considering that the same man has more control as CEO of Alphabet’s Google. Hiroshi Lockheimer was the vice president engineering just for Android is now at a premier leadership position for Chrome also. It shows that the Google is cohesively working towards both platforms.

If product side is considered then reflect on the Pixel C. Earlier it was the best representation to work upon Chrome OS, however, the latest product Pixel device is going to provide a premium experience for Android.

Above all, Android apps are surely merging their way to Chrome OS. Likely, Chrome tabs are getting an important placement on Android devices.

Conjecture was there for many years, but this report presented by The Wall Street Journal has come as news although not as an editorial one. Nothing is fixed till now. Till then keep using the Chromebook and Android phone.

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