Gloomy Dog Got Her World ‘Shut Down’

A gloomy dog that was heartbroken locked her world as she returned to animal shelter and even refused to take walks. After returning to an animal shelter by her family, the sad dog was so disturbed that she ‘shut down’ her world and snubbed to go for walks.

Lana is the name of the dog. She was arrived as a puppy in Toronto at the boarding kennel which is the runt of litter hump in Mexico.Later she was taken to keep in a foster program where she spent short periods with different families and no problems were reported.

When she became five she was kept permanently with a family. She was returned after sometime as the guarding issues about her got resurfaced.


The picture of sad dog is heartbroken as she was returned to the shelter. Lana was captured as her head was hanging low and she was pressing her face against a wall.

At Mighty Mutts, Dahlia Ayoub said that Lana did not respond for an entire day and did not take any walks.


She told Dodo- ‘It’s almost like her world shut down.’

Further Ayoub told that when Lana arrived at the kennel, she was so small and was of her hand’s size. She was petrified of everything.

Ayoub explained that it was the only time when her guarding instincts came out while she was stemming and competing with her siblings for food.

‘She snapped at the mom. And they decided because they have kids in the house to bring her back to the boarding.’


After some time, old Lana was back in her mood as she was pleased to see Ayoub next day.

Although Lana has yet not got her ‘forever’ home but her story has got a happy ending because she got a new foster home.


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