Funny Aesthetic Instagram Captions 2021

People love to pose in various funny poses and click beautiful memories for their lives. The pictures speaks a lot about you and your funny nature can enhance your instagram profile as your followers look upon you as a role model who is enjoying life to the fullest.

What can be more interesting if along with your funny aesthetic photograph, you add an equally funny captions describing the mood of your amazing click by your camera. We have collected some of the short aesthetic instagram captions, aesthetic captions for selfies, aesthetic captions for friends and other funny short instagram captions which will be equally funny and witty for your followers who cannot go by just liking your picture but will also comment on your click.

Therefore let’s have a look at some of the funny aesthetic instagram captions which will enhance the mood of your followers, and give a lot of confidence to you:

  1. The truth is tragic, but secret murders are
  2. Not so perfect, but so beautiful
  3. I hope my misery will change some good.
  4. She likes to be colorful, she likes to be black.
  5. My thoughts were lost
  6. She wants to capture every aspect of her life.
  7. Sometimes, the fear of losing someone loses us in it.
  8. I like coffee, because I’m dark, rich and very hot for you
  9. Beauty and it goes by hand.
  10. Slightly different from the other
  11. Some people experience different days of their life.
  12. You experience things that I do not believe
  13. You have to decide whether it is a day or a day.
  14. Now I’m out today, my internet has broken.
  15. You can find happiness in simple things.