Gel Ball Blasters Australia, also known as gel blaster or gelsoft, has taken the world of recreational shooting sports by storm. What started as a hobbyist’s pastime has evolved into a competitive sport enthusiasts of all ages enjoy. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to take your skills to the next level, this blog will guide you from being a hobbyist to mastering the gel blaster accessories and ball shooting techniques like a pro.

Understanding Gel Ball Shooting

Gel ball shooting, also known as using gel ball blasters or blaster shooting, is a recreational activity and a sport that has gained popularity in some countries, particularly Australia and parts of Asia. It involves toy guns that shoot small, water-filled gel balls, often called gel balls or gel beads. Here’s a basic understanding of gel ball shooting:

Gel Blasters

Gel blasters are the firearms used in gel ball shooting. These are typically designed to resemble real guns but are non-lethal and use compressed air or electric power to propel gel balls. They come in various styles and sizes, from pistols to rifles and machine guns.

Gel Balls

Gel balls are small, spherical pellets made of a water-absorbent polymer. They start as small, hard pellets and are typically soaked in water before use. Once absorbed, they expand and become soft and squishy. These gel balls are loaded into the magazine of the gel blaster.


Safety is a paramount concern in the range of gel ball shooting. While gel balls are relatively harmless when they hit a person, they can still cause minor discomfort or bruising if shot from close range. As such, players must wear protective gear such as eye protection (safety goggles), and it’s often recommended to wear long sleeves and pants to minimize the risk of skin irritation.

Game Rules

Gel ball shooting games typically have various rules and objectives, similar to paintball or airsoft. Common game types include team deathmatch, capture the flag and domination. The rules may vary depending on the event or field you’re playing on.

Ammo Capacity

Gel blasters have magazines with varying capacities, which determine how many gel balls can be fired before reloading. Reload times can vary, so players must strategize when and where to fill during a game.

Range and Accuracy

Gel blasters have different ranges and levels of accuracy depending on their design and power source. Some gel blaster products are more suited for close-quarters combat, while others are better for long-range engagements.


Gel blasters require regular maintenance to function correctly. This includes cleaning the barrel, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring the gel balls are adequately sized and hydrated.

Legal Regulations

The legality of gel ball shooting can vary by location. In some places, gel blasters are considered toys and are unrestricted, while in others, they may be subject to regulations or restrictions, especially if they closely resemble real firearms. It’s essential to check local laws and regulations before participating in gel blaster guns and ball shooting.

Community and Events

Gel ball shooting has developed a dedicated community of enthusiasts participating in organized events and competitions. There are often specialized fields or arenas designed for gel ball shooting, offering various gameplay options.

Gear and Accessories

  • Choosing the Right Gel Ball Blaster Explore the various factors to consider when selecting your gel ball blaster, including size, weight, and power source.
  • Upgrading Your Blaster Learn about standard blaster upgrades and how they can enhance your performance on the field.
  • Ammunition and Magazines Discover the different gel balls available and the importance of selecting the correct ammunition for your blaster.
  • Tactical Gear and Apparel Explore essential gear such as vests, holsters, and camouflage clothing to maximize your effectiveness on the field.

Mastering Shooting Techniques

  • Stance and Posture Discuss the importance of proper perspective and Posture for accuracy and control—tips for both standing and prone positions.
  • You are aiming for Sight Alignment. Learn about various sighting techniques and how to achieve consistent accuracy by aligning your sights correctly.
  • Trigger Control: Understand the significance of trigger control and how to avoid common mistakes like jerking the trigger.
  • Recoil Management Techniques for managing recoil, especially when using high-powered blasters.

Game Strategies and Tactics

  • Game Types and Objectives Explore different gel ball shooting game types, including team deathmatch, capture the flag, and more.
  • Teamwork and Communication The importance of working as a team and effective Communication with your teammates.
  • Cover and Movement Strategies for using cover effectively and moving around the field safely.

Practice and Improvement

  • Dry Firing Drills Tips for practising your shooting skills safely and efficiently without gel balls.
  • Live Fire Practice: How to set up a practice area and the importance of consistency in practice.
  • You are analyzing Your Performance Strategies to review your gameplay and identify areas for improvement.

Participating in Gel Ball Shooting Events

  • Local Matches and Tournaments Information on finding and participating in local gel ball shooting events.
  • Joining a Team The benefits of joining a gel ball shooting team and how to find one in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key to improving accuracy in gel ball shooting?

Accuracy can be improved through regular practice, proper sighting techniques, and maintaining your gel blaster in good condition.

How can I enhance my tactical skills in gel ball shooting?

Developing tactical skills involves learning team communication, strategy, and field awareness. Practice teamwork and coordinate with your teammates to gain a tactical advantage.

Are there different shooting stances I should consider for better stability and accuracy?

Yes, various shooting stances can improve stability and accuracy, including the prone, kneeling, and standing positions. Experiment with different perspectives to find what works best for you.

What gear and equipment should I invest to become a pro gel ball shooter?

Invest in high-quality eye protection, comfortable clothing, a reliable gel blaster, extra magazines, and possibly a sidearm for backup. A tactical vest or belt for carrying gear can also be helpful.

How do I maintain my gel blaster for optimal performance?

Regularly clean the barrel, lubricate moving parts, and ensure the gearbox is well-maintained. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines to maintain your gel blaster.

What’s the best way to practice shooting accuracy at home?

Dry firing (shooting without gel balls) at a target or practising aiming down sights can help improve your accuracy at home safely. Ensure your gel blaster is not loaded with gel balls during dry fire practice.

Where can I find advanced training or coaching for gel ball shooting?

Some dedicated gel ball shooting fields and clubs offer advanced training sessions or coaching. Check with local gel ball shooting communities or organizations for recommendations.

What are some advanced tactics for competitive gel ball shooting?

Advanced tactics may involve using cover effectively, flanking opponents, and understanding game-specific strategies. Learning to read the battlefield and adapt quickly is crucial.

How can I prepare for gel ball shooting competitions or tournaments?

Besides improving your shooting skills, focus on physical fitness, teamwork, and mental resilience. Familiarize yourself with all the biggest brands and rules of the competition and practice under game-like conditions.

Are there any legal or safety considerations when transitioning to pro-level gel ball shooting?

Always follow local laws and safety guidelines. As a professional or competitive gel ball shooter, you should set an example for safety and sportsmanship.


Gel ball shooting offers an exciting and challenging recreational experience that can evolve from a fun and casual hobby into a skilful sport with dedicated enthusiasts. By understanding the fundamentals, acquiring the right gear, mastering shooting techniques, developing game strategies, and practising consistently, you can transition from a hobbyist to a pro in gel ball shooting. So gear up, stay safe, and enjoy the thrill of gel ball shooting!