Epipen Injection – Price and How to use it

EpiPen contains the active ingredient adrenaline which is a natural hormone produced by the body that is usually released by the adrenal glands when we have stress. This helps the body to tackle potentially lethal situations by preparing the body.

Adrenaline which is also known as epinephrine is released by injection to treat the fatal allergic reaction called anaphylactic shock. The injection quickly checks the symptoms of an active allergic reaction, which includes wheezing, difficulty breathing or swallowing, drop in blood pressure which causes dizziness or fainting, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, weak pulse, chest contraction, itching of the skin, among many others.

What is EpiPen and what is it for?

EpiPen is a device that comes with the brand name of Epipen and its role is to deliver epinephrine which is a life-saving medicine used when someone is feeling a severe allergic reaction that is known as anaphylaxis.

EpiPen is the generic term self-for an injectable device. The drug injected by Epipen works on the whole body to control stop the allergic reactions.

It reacts to blood vessels which leads to an increase in blood pressure and decreases swelling. It relaxes the muscle around, opens the lungs. In addition to this, it controls the release of more allergic chemicals and helps in controlling the increase of allergic response. Epinephrine drug is so far known as the only medicine that works on the complete body and helps in controlling the allergic reactions.

When you have need of Epipen injection?

If someone suspects of having an allergic reaction due to food or the bite of an in section then the first step you need to do is to consult a licensed allergist which will confirm your reactions and the symptoms. The role of allergists here will be to first check the patient’s medical history and to perform the examinations by referring to the diagnostic tests which in most cases will include the blood tests. In most cases the Epipen injection in which adrenaline will not be required, but if the allergist finds that the allergic reaction is severe then he may recommend the Epipen injection.

When injectable epinephrine not required?

The most common cause of allergic reactions is the bites of insects which are also the most common cause of allergic reactions in people. But in most cases of insect bites, there is no need for Epipen injections because there are very fewer chances of severe allergic reactions due to insect bites.

What is the cost of EpiPen injections?

The cost of EpiPen is usually very high. Just about 10 years ago it was around 50 to 60 dollars, but now it is touching sky-high prices and the cost of EpiPen injections nowadays is around $500. A low-cost generic epinephrine drug apart from the EpiPen brand is also available. There may be a difference in the use of both devices ie. the brand device and the generic drug-device, so must be aware of the use of both these devices. Proper training is required for the use of this device because if used without complete knowledge then it may lead to some critical issues.

How to use EpiPen?

A patient must know what is the need for Epipen for him when he is advised by his doctor for the EpiPen injection. You must make sure about how to use the injection properly. The EpiPen injection must be used exactly as suggested by the doctor or the chemist. If you don’t understand how to use it properly then you should consult the doctor or the nurse for the proper training of using it.

Steps to use Epipen?

A patient must know perfectly how to use Epipen and when. Follow the below steps when you got complete knowledge about how to use the EpiPen injections.

Keep the autoinjector of Epipen at the center and follow the below procedure to use it:

  • Never place your fingers, hands or thumb on the orange tip of the EpiPen injection.
  • The need will be out of the orange tip.
  • It is strongly recommended not to remove the blue safety cap of Epipen injection before using it.
  • Take the EpiPen injection in your hand which you used to write.
  • Your thumb of the dominant hand should be very close to blue safety cap.
  • By keeping the orange tip down, press the body of Epipen autoinjector.
  • Take off the blue safety cap with your other hand.
  • The EpiPen injection should be at a distance of about 10 centimeters from the thigh.
  • The orange tip of Epipen must be pointed to the outside of the thigh.
  • Press and inject Epipen at an angle of 90 degrees in the outer part of the thigh.
  • By firmly holding the device for about 10 seconds the medicine will be injected completely into your body which will be indicated when the autoinjector window becomes dark.
  • Then you can remove the EpiPen injection and dispose of it safely.
  • The place where the Epipen is injected must be rubbed or needed a massage for a few seconds.

If a small bubble remains in the Epipen autoinjector device, then there is absolutely no need to worry about it because it doesn’t impact the effect of the injection.

How to get Epipen injection for Free or at low cost:

As mentioned about the cost of EpiPen injection is very high and refilling it may cost a lot, so there are many saving program available for Epipen Auto injectors which can help you to get it at very low cost or reduce its cost to some extent.

The My EpiPen Savings Card

With My Epipen savings card, you can save up to $300 on each EpiPen refill. The Epipen saving offers can be displayed to the pharmacist by getting printed the hard copy of the offer or can also be shown from your phone. One can use the My EpiPen savings card for refilling the Epipen injector up to a maximum of six times.

Mylan’s MyGenericEAI Savings Card

With Mylan’s MyGenericEAI Savings Card, once can get a discount of up to $25 dollars while refilling EpiPen injector. Unlike My EpiPen Savings Card, Mylan’s MyGenericEAI Savings Card can be used a maximum of three times to get discount for refilling Epipen.

Illinois will be the first state to provide Epipen coverage for kids:

The US state of Illinois is going to the first state that will provide the insurance coverage for the high-cost Epipen injections.

As the cost of EpiPen injections has increased a lot in just a few years, so the Illinois State Senator Julie Morrison announced in August 2019 that they wanted the Epipen injection to be made available for every kid who has need of this.

So by keeping in mind they decided to provide insurance coverage for Epipen to the kids.