Domain is Taken by Google

Alphabet has been bought by Google. After the official announcement of Google being the subsidiary of Alphabet, it has taken the domain In 1999, this domain was crafted. When Google acquired this domain on Wednesday the same was updated- as per the domain database of Whois. However, the mystery of price remains the same.


In August, Google made a big announcement of restructuring in a bid. The bid was to sepearte the core business like search and Android from ‘moonshots’ as driverless cars. Simultaneously, Google unravelled the new URL for its website.

Purpose of taking this domain is still covered as the page could not be loaded till Thursday morning. A spokesperson for the company told media that they are making sure that they did not miss some letters in, so a thorough investigation is going on.

Alphabet now owns Bloomberg News
Alphabet now owns Bloomberg News

As per the data on Whois, Google has got 18, 095 domains as of now. and have also been taken by the company so that misspelled also get redirected to the search engine Google. There will be times when company will play defensive to get prevented from acquistion of user names that would be embarassing in the future. is already taken by the U.S. tech giant.
The domain names have become a headache for Google as the change to Alphabet. The domain is already owned by German carmaker BMW. New York Times reported about this domain earlier this year that BMW is not going to sell it.

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