Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay in drive-thru

So, the question is does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay? Well, before answering this question you should know that McDonald’s is a multinational brand, running in literally every corner around the globe. People have been loving the services and food of McDonald’s for years and the fan following for McDonald’s Burgers is increasing every day.

McDonald’s along with its excellent services gives you the advantages of various payment options within the outlet as well as an online App. You can very easily make the payment at McDonald’s using any payment option of your choice including Credit Card, Debit Cards, Net Banking, third-party payment apps, etc.

Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay?

Now when it comes to Apple Pay, the answer is ‘Yes’. McDonald’s gives this option to the customers to make the payment with Apple Pay as well.

Most of Apple users generally prefer to use Apple pay as their payment method in various transactions whether at Departmental stores, Online payments or any restaurant. Apple is in fact more secure than any other physical payment method like cards.

It is also believed that Apple Pay is more convenient than any other third-party virtual payment application, as here you get the option to pay from any of your devices including your iPhone or Apple Watch. Now let’s see how you can make the payment in McDonald’s using Apple Pay on your Apple device.

How to Set up Apple Pay to Use at McDonald’s

Setting up your Apple Pay to use it at McDonald’s is very easy. You can follow these steps to set up your Apple Pay –

  • Go to Wallet App on your iPhone
  • When the page opens you need to click on the + button showing on the top-right corner.
  • Click on continue when prompted
  • Now Add a Card to your Wallet
  • You can either click a photo of your card or type the details in the virtual text box.
  • Enter the necessary details like expiry and CVV of your card
  • And proceed by accepting the prompted messages.

And you are done. Now you are ready to use your Apple Pay at McDonald’s. This basic setup is enough to make a successful payment at McDonald’s.

How to Make Payment to McDonald’s using Apple Pay – In Stores

You can follow the below-mentioned easy steps to make the payment through Apple Pay in McDonald’s.

  • Go and place the order at the counter.
  • For the payment open your Apple Pay in your Apple device using your pin or biometric.
  • Select the card you linked with your Apple pay and make the payment.
  • Every McDonald’s outlet will have a contactless reader. You can simply scan it to pay the bill.

How to Make Payment to McDonald’s App using Apple Pay?

For paying to McDonald’s app follow these steps –

  • Place an order with the McDonald’s App.
  • Check out for the final payment
  • Select Apple Pay as your Payment Option.
  • Pay through the app.

How To Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s with Your Apple Watch

Since Apple pay work on Apple watches also, you can make payment at McDonald’s by using your Apple Watch also. The process of using Apple Pay on your Apple watch is quite similar to that of your iPhone. The only major difference is that here you are going to scan the code or address with your watch only. There is no need for an iPhone. Keep your watch over the top of the address until the payment takes place successfully.

How to Use Apple Pay in a McDonald’s Drive-Thru

The McDonald’s Drive-Thru is the windows set up outside the store to speed up the orders for the customers who want to take away the order with them instead of dining in.

So, if you want to make a payment at McDonald’s Drive-Thru, you are free to proceed because the payment method is similar to the payment method in stores.

How To Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window with Your Apple Watch

The process that you have been following inside the store will be used as it is here at the Drive-thru also. Just order, scan pay and you are done.

How To Use Apple Pay at a McDonald’s Kiosk with an iPhone.

McDonald’s Kiosks are self-service devices, used to place orders for self. You can choose anything you want to order from the screen and place the order. The best part is, here also you can use Apple Pay for making the payment. Scan the code showing up on the screen with your iPhone and hold it there until you are notified regarding the transaction.

How To Use Apple Pay at a McDonald’s Self-Service Kiosk with Your Apple Watch

The same method will go with the Apple watch to make payment at McDonald’s Kiosk using Apple Pay, with a slight difference while reading the address. You need to put your watch in front of the screen and hold it there until the payment is successful.

Is Apple Pay Safe to Use at McDonald’s?

Well, there is literally no point in doubting McDonald’s while using Apple Pay for making payments. The systems of McDonald’s are completely safe and secure. You can trust the system.

Are There Fees for Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Just like the payment process through any other payment app, you have no need to pay any fee for using Apple Pay at McDonald’s

Is There a Limit for Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

The answer is ‘No’. There is no limit of using Apple Pay at McDonald’s. The only limit is your bank balance which is quite obvious. You can’t make a payment without having a sufficient balance in the bank.

Can I Get a McDonald’s Refund Through Apple Pay?

If you are using the Apple Pay in McDonald’s then you may be eligible for cashback, you cannot get a refund through the same process.

Final Words

Whether you are placing the order in store or online, you can make payments by using your Apple Pay on your Apple device very conveniently. Just make sure you have your card linked with your Apple Pay account and you are then good to go.

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