WhatsApp Pay Helpline/Customer Care Number

As there are many new online payment apps spring up every day on the world on internet, each of them, has its uniqueness that sets them apart from the competition. Some payment apps attract their users by offering a wide range of offer, bonuses and promos. But what you really need to consider more when looking for an online payment app to try is a competent and friendly customer service that can answer your questions and concerns. And this is the thing, that WhatsApp payment will offer to its users at its very best.

Having a reliable customer support is very important for any type of service provider regardless of what it provides. Any service provide including payment apps like WhatsApp will be appreciated if they provide a quick response to its users at any time of the day. Of course, when your money is at stake, you have the right to know what is happening and try to find the answers by contacting them.

While sending payments over WhatsApp pay app, many questions grip and arise, some of these questions are, like:

  • What is UPI.
  • How to connect mobile number with bank account.
  • What to do if some issues comes while sending.
  • Not able to receive payment.
  • Payment and Refund not received

If you have any of these questions and problems regarding WhatsApp pay, then the help center of WhatsApp is right there all the time to help you for all such queries.

The most common methods of Customer Support at WhatsApp pay are:

Social Media Profiles


Phone is the oldest and still the most popular employed methods for getting help from any kind of customer support. And WhatsApp is not behind it this, As it offers its phones services throughout the day. The response time through this channel of support is usually very fast.

The toll free Customer care number of WhatsApp is: 1800 425 8445


As there is no time for the usage of WhatsApp. People may need the use of its services like messaging and payment transfer etc at any time including in the late night. At that time, other customer support mediums like Phone or Chat may not be active, then in such situations people perfer to use Emails. WhatsApp has several Email ids for different types of requirements. We are providing these email ids below:


The customer support team of a good online payment service like WhatsApp pay should be able to help you resolve any questions regarding your account. WhatsApp has a nice and well explained FAQ section, where you will find detailed answers to most of your general queries.

Social Media Profiles:
In addition to these above three methods, WhatsApp also has Social media profiles on popular channels like Facebook and Twitter. Users can post their querries in these profiles and can get their problems resolved

Facebook Page: facebook.com/WhatsApp
Twitter Profile: twitter.com/whatsapp

Because of the multi-channel assistance and active Customer support throughout the day, we can only give hats-off to such fine customer service offered by WhatsApp.

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