Gear up for the Hottest Summer in Next Two Years- Says Met Office

As per media reports, British Met department have come out with the trending news that next two years are likely to break the global heat records.  As per the illustration of the fact, natural climatic cycles are reversing in Atlantic and Pacific oceans, consequentially intensifying the global warming. These changes will lead to alterations in usual weather patterns all around the globe thereby breaking the global heat records.


What Studies Says?

According to the Prof Stephen Belcher (Met office Hadley Centre Director) – Of course the weather patterns and increase in global temperature is due to natural patterns. But the high rise in temperatures also indicates that it is due to consistent impact of greenhouse gases that are man-made.

Witnessing the continuous changes, it is believed that next year would be correspondingly warm. An external assessor said that year 2014, 2015 and 2016 are seemed to be the hottest years until and unless there is a big volcanic outburst.

It should not be taken as a fluke. Impacts of accumulated energy are evident in oceans and atmosphere which is the resultant of greenhouse gases.

Global Warming and Major Setbacks

This period will be noted down as the crucial point when major turn-around would be witnessed. At this point of time there are various changes happening at once. The year 2014 was believed to be the hottest while heat waves scorched different regions. Despite of the fact that greenhouse gases are increasing at a rapid rate, previous decade was witnessed as the period of comparatively slow warming of earth temperatures and was considered as pause in climatic conditions by few.

But actually, global warming has not been paused at all. In spite, the gas emissions have been trapped into the oceans. Henceforth, according to Met Office reports, the so-called pause will come out as the acceleration in rapid global warming rate.

The Surreal Fact

Met Officials are being ultra-vigilant post castigation about the last decade forecasts and were considered as over-confident and the natural phenomena were not really understood.

The officials were asked when would this pause be ended and the answer was given with a surreal perspective that there was no pause in escalation of global warming rate as oceans used to store heat, sea levels seemed to rise and ice continued to be melted.

As per the statement of a professor- they are not sure of the pause termination but the warming rates of last decade are expected to reach within next two years. It has been warned if greenhouse gas emissions would continue to be persistent then its long term implications on global and regional climate will dwarf.

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