Black Friday – Check Deals and Sales

The Black Friday is one of many traditions that the World has acquired from the United States. Lets read what is Black Friday and How it started

What is Black Friday?

If you wanted to sum up with a word Black Friday it would mean discounts and this is because in this day Shops and online shopping websites offers so many discounts and offers.

A day dedicated to discounts, starts the Christmas shopping season. In recent years the custom has also extended to the entire preceding week, so it is now often known as Black Week. After the Black Week, on the following Monday, Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated which is entirely dedicated to technology.

Black Friday: what it is and when it falls

Black Friday always falls the day after Thanksgiving day, which is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November. On this day there are big discounts especially on e-commerce sites, for the most varied products like books, DVDs, Home appliances to smartphones and PCs. During the Black Friday, the big commercial chains offer great discounts to kick off the Christmas season and the race for gifts.

This convention however has a distant origin and is not of recent years. Let’s see how it was originated and why it is so called.

Origin and History of Black Friday:

The origin of the term Black Friday is uncertain. Some believes, it comes from the ink color of the pen used by retailers in 1960’s to fill in the accounting records. The red one was used to record the losses, the black one to bring the accounts back into surplus. It would therefore indicate a day of great collections for commerce. Thats why it was named Black Friday. Some date the birth of the name Black Friday in the city of Philadelphia, due to the road traffic caused by the shopping day. It is said that, Black Friday was one of the expressions used by the police of Philadelphia between the Fifties and the Sixties to describe the traffic and the crazy traffic jams that were created during the sales following Thanksgiving.

In other words it can be said that, tradition of Black Friday was born in America in the sixties, when retailers offered special discounts for their goods on the day after Thanksgiving to facilitate shopping.

Black Friday 2019

As black Friday is celebrated every year in the 4th week of November, so the Black Friday day on the calendar therefore changes from year to year and this time in 2019 it happens to be on November 29th. As mentioned above it is tradition especially in the United States that for Black Friday the shops make significant balances on the products on sale. This tradition has been revived for several years even in several shops in European and other countries around the world. Although in countries other then USA, Black Friday is not widespread and discounts mainly concern online stores.

But in USA the streets and shops of the main cities are crowded with people who take advantage of these discounts that only occur once a year. Many shops and businesses use the opportunity to get rid of old merchandise that has not been sold properly. Black Friday refers as such to the rise in profits by the owners of the stores.