Best Ways To Prepare for the Postpartum Phase

Preparing for pregnancy and childbirth can exhaust you, but don’t forget to think about your postpartum phase. The postpartum chapter will be full of sweet baby snuggles, learning curves, and chaos. But if you can carve out some time to set yourself up for success, you will find the postpartum phase is easier to navigate. In this article, I created a list of some of the best ways to prepare yourself and your home.

Make Your Rest the Top Priority

Making your rest a priority is a significant aspect that often gets left behind. You may be laughing right now, thinking about how people tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps. But this is vital. Your healing depends on adequate rest and nourishment.

You should sleep when the baby sleeps. The laundry or dishes are trivial compared to motherhood. Let them wait. And I would also encourage you to reduce your activity levels to the bare minimum. Giving birth is a marathon, not a sprint. Your body relies on a resting period to recover from this marathon.

Build Your Support Team While Pregnant

You have heard that it takes a village, and the best way to ensure you have one is by building this team while you’re pregnant. Who do you enjoy sharing these special moments with? Who makes you feel supported, encouraged, and strong?

Creating a support village while pregnant will help you significantly in your postpartum phase because these people can help around the home, bring meals, offer to babysit so that you can nap, or change a few diapers. Lean on your support, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Stock the Supplies

One of the best ways to prepare for the postpartum phase is to stock the home with supplies. Regardless of your preferred birthing method, you have a healing phase that will take place. Consider creating a supply basket in your bathroom so that it’s accessible to you.

I also suggest setting up various diaper stations around the home. Set these up while pregnant but understand you may want to relocate them once you are home with the baby. Your future postpartum self will appreciate having stockpiles, especially as you reduce activity and increase rest.

Fill Your Freezer

I highly recommend filling your freezer with oven-ready meals so that you can easily and quickly put something in the oven and eat a nourishing meal. Whether you intend to breastfeed or formula feed, your body will experience lactating after birth, which will have various impacts on your body. Eating nourishing, well-balanced meals can help reduce some of the discomforts and build a basis for a healthy milk supply.

Set Visitation Boundaries

There will be a parade of family and friends eager to meet your new bub. And more than likely, none of them will want to help you heal, rest, or eat. This disconnect can stir many feelings for you, so setting boundaries for visitors is crucial.

You are in a period of significant rest and stillness, so it’s not the best time to run around town, catch up with friends, or open your doors to everybody. Create a visit schedule, encourage an exchange of service for time with the baby, or say no.

Set yourself up for success with a postpartum plan and hold firm to your boundaries. I hope this quick guide helps you prepare accordingly and heal with ease.

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