Best Apps to Take Notes on iPhone

Do you like to take notes of everything that you find interesting? Nowadays it is not necessary that you have a physical agenda in which you write all that, just downloading one of the best apps to take notes on the iPhone will be more than necessary so that you do not forget that so important that you want to remember.


Evernote is an app that has been characterized as the best and most popular of the applications for taking notes, that is, there is no better way to start this list. They are its multiple functions and plans that have highlighted it from all other applications, so it is very complete. It exists in its paid version and in its free version.

With this evernote app you can:

  • write.
  • Have a checklist and task lists.
  • Collect and capture ideas as notes.
  • Notebooks
  • Default templates for notes.
  • Scan documents
  • Save and classify drawings, audios, videos, photos, web captures and even PDF files.
  • Everything you need to be well organized, Evernote offers it to you.

Microsoft OneNote – Capture notes, ideas and memos

Microsoft OneNote is an app that is offered by the same Microsoft company that is compatible with all iPhone. Thanks to this application you can take simple notes and organize, sort, search and rename them whenever you want.

In addition, this app allows you to share your notes with your family and friends while you make them so that they can participate in the creation of these posts.

Through this app you can access your notes from any device when synchronizing with the cloud. The download can be free of charge by the app store.

Notability – Easy notes and annotations on your iPhone or iPad

Notability is a powerful payment application that is very simple and intuitive to comment on PDF and take notes, it is available only for iOS devices.

Thanks to its “Multitasking” option you can drag and drop files, texts, GIFs, photos, website addresses or other content found in other applications. You can draw and generate audios and then save them. One of the wonderful features is to lock the notes with FaceID and Touch ID.


This list cannot be complete without mentioning the Apple notes application that has something that none of the other applications will ever have, it is incorporated with the device system. Just by starting the iPhone you will have access to this app and if you activate iCloud each of your notes will be perfectly synchronized. This app has been perfected in the latest versions of iOS devices.

In this application you can create folders, draw freehand notes, customize the background, scan documents, generate tables and protect all your information through passwords.

The apps for taking notes on iPhone are vitally important to avoid forgetting any event of great importance. By downloading one of these applications you can be sure that you will always have a place to write down and record what you want.