10 Benefits of Kiwi Fruit for Health

1. Depression: Inositol is found in kiwifruit. Recent studies have shown that inositol can be beneficial in the treatment of depression.

2. Diabetes: Inositol, a sugar alcohol naturally occurring in kiwifruit, may play a positive role in regulating diabetes. Inositol supplements may improve nerve conduction velocity in diabetic neuropathy.

3. Eye Health/Macular Degeneration: Kiwifruit contains a wealth of carotenoids (beta carotenes, luteins and xanthophylls); phenolic compounds (flavonoids and anthocyanins) and antioxidants, including vitamins C and E.

4. Kiwifruit is particularly high in two amino acids: arginine and glutamate. Arginine may help promote an increase in arteriolar dilation, working as a vasodilator and improving blood flow important for heart health.

5. The FDA considers kiwifruit a good source of vitamin E, crucial for a healthy heart.

6. Kiwifruit contains magnesium at 6% DV. Magnesium is thought to be in short supply in the diets of affluent countries. Poor magnesium status is associated with heart disease, myocardial infarction and hypertension.

7. Kiwifruit contains pectin, which has been shown to lower cholesterol. 8. Hypertension: Cardiologists believe the sodium-to-potassium ratio is critical for heart health. That ratio is extremely favorable in kiwifruit.

9. Immunity: Kiwifruit has been shown to be an immune booster most likely due to its extremely high vitamin C content and its complement of antioxidant compounds.

10. Impotence: Kiwifruit contains the amino acid arginine, a well-known vasodilator that has been used to treat impotence in men.