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Address 225 Broadway, Suite 1903 New York, NY 10007
Contact Number 866.950.5955
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Americord Blood Banking

Americord is an umbilical cord blood banking centre based in the New York City of the United States. It was established in 2008 with an aim to create healthier and happier lives with the help of umblical cord blood banking.

Cord blood 2.0TMis the proprietary process for Americord blood bank collection started under the able leadership of the now Executive Medical Director, Dr. Robert Dracker. Americord also began placental tissue banking services in 2012.

It is one of the most trusted umbilical cord blood banking and placental cord tissue centre located in the America. Cord blood or umbilical cord blood is the blood that stays in the placenta (the temporary organ that forms during pregnancy) and also in the umbilical cords that is attached to the infant’s naval. This cord blood can be used in later life to cure blood cancer, anemia etc.

Why Choose Americord Blood Banking?

At Americord, parents will get the following blood banking features and facilities:

  • 20 years of cord blood storage facility
  • AABB Accredited Lab
  • No courier fees is levied
  • $110,000 guaranteed insurance
  • FDA – approved anticoagulant
  • FDA – approved for C – Sections (Cesarean Sections)

Americord Innovation

Americord has brought forth some innovative techniques to store the stem cells of the newly born kids which might prove to be quite helpful in treating various ailments. These are described as follows:

Cord Blood 2.0TM

  • It is a proprietary system innovated and developed by Americord which allows them to collect double stem cells as compared to other cord blood banking techniques.
  • According to the BioInformant Report published in 2017, Cord blood 2.0TM has the potentially greater number of stem cells which can be preserved and used in hematopoietic stem cell transplant for patients who weigh heavier.
  • Before Americord developed this unique blood banking technique to store stem cells which could only treat a person weighing up to 65 lbs whereas using the Cord blood 2.0TM, Americord collects stem cells of persons weighing up to 165 lbs.

Cord Tissue

  • Cord tissue banking is another innovative method of cord blood banking used increasingly at Americord. A cord tissue consists of an entirely different kind of stem cell called mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) which is not found in cord blood.
  • MSCs can help in various kinds of treatment because they are multipotent, meaning they can be differentiated into different types of cells such as skin, organ, bone, fat cells, muscle and cartilage.
  • MSCs are also very different because they can grow new tissue plus they can also give signals to other cells so that they can heal from the chronic wounds hence, preventing inflammation.

Placental Tissue 2.0TM

  • Americord has developed yet another innovative technique which makes it the only cord blood in the US to offer Cord blood 2.0TMservices.
  • Using Placental Tissue 2.0TM, two different types of stem cells can be collected from the placenta when the baby is born. One of these two is the Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and the other is Amniotic epithelial cells (AECs).
  • The MSCs are densely packed stem cells and when they are paired with the amniotic epithelial cells becomes an efficient resource which can treat a number of ailments, some of them being, eye conditions leading to blindness, surgical wounds and diabetic ulcers which can lead to amputations.
  • Banking Placental Tissue 2.0TMcan lead to healthier way of living for all the family members some clinical trials show that this tissue is proving very effective in treating conditions like throat cancer, cerebral palsy, neurological dysfunction, heart problems, joint and spine injuries.

Americord Pricing

Americord has few payment plans for its customers and these are discussed below in detail. Parents can choose from the three payment options viz. one – time payment, 24 Months Plan and Annual Fees. Choices can also be made according to the number of children the mother is bearing. This is described below:

Americord Payment Plans

Cord blood 2.0TM + Cord Tissue Cord blood 2.0TM + Placental Tissue Cord blood 2.0TM + Cord Tissue + Placental Tissue
Single Child $5,998.00
Twins $11,996.00
Triplets $17,994.00

How to sign up for Cord Blood Banking at Americord?

Expecting parents can sign up at Americord by following some simple steps as are given below:

Sign Up at Americord

Expecting parents can register online at Americord and speak to the stem cell experts who are available 24×7 to help you out with all your queries and suggest you the best payment plans and products that would suit your baby.

Get your sterilized Americord Kit

After registering, you and your family will receive your Americord kit which is sterilized. This kit should be brought along when the delivery has to take place.

When the baby is born and the umbilical cord is clamped, the doctor operating will bring the cord blood in the sterilized bag available in the kit.

The stem cells will be collected in this sterilized bag and in case parents have opted to bank the placental tissue, then these shall also get collected in the bags.

Separation of Stem Cells and Blood

Americord’s white glove courier facility is so quick to collect your cord blood stem cells and placental or cord tissues and take it to the laboratory where the highly – trained and skilled staff will conduct few quality assurance tests and then separate the stem cells from the blood collected in the sterilized bag.

These stem cells are then placed in some specially – designed bags which are preserved in nitrogen – cooled tanks at a temperature of -190°C.

Issuing of Certificate of Stem Cells Storage

Americord Customer Service is always to answer all your questions and Americord will also provide the new parents with a Certificate of Stem Cell Storage. The stem cells thus collected will be kept safely at Americord Blood Banking Center. These stem cells can be withdrawn any time whenever need arises.

Is Americord a registered and licensed organization?

Yes, Americord is a registered organization with the FDA which is authorized to collect cord blood and placental tissues stem cells in the USA.

Americord has got a valid license to operate in states including Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. The laboratory at Americord is also CLIA Certified, American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) compliant and has been serving cord blood banking services for over 10 years.

Has Americord been successful in conducting cord blood banking transplants?

Yes, Americord holds a 100% success rate in releasing many stem cell units for transplants.

Is there any referral program at Americord?

Yes, at Americord, you can also choose and refer a friend to bank cord blood. With this referral program, Americord will offer you an Amazon Gift Card worth $100 whereas the referral will get $100 off their stem cells order placed.

How does the cord blood storage process works?

Stem cells from the cord blood, placental tissues and cord tissue are collected and stored in separate containers. A trusted organization like Americord does not use vials for storage instead it uses specialized cryo – cell bags.

These cryo bags have an outer case which is stored temporarily in a quarantine freezer before moving in a long – term freezer which uses nitrogen, hence ensuring sterility.

Does Americord provide storage facility for more than 20 years?

Yes, off course, cord blood can be stored for 20 years and more and Americord also provides this storage facility.