Accidental Experiment – Malaria Could Cure Cancer

An accidental experiment has proven to cure cancer and it seems like it is efficient for 90% of types of cancers. It is possible if malaria proteins are attached to cancer cells. It will burrow the tumors and thereby would destroy it.

Effect of Malaria Protein+Toxin

This is unexpected discovery made accidentally by the scientists. It could have been an enormous step in medical world. This discovery will save numerous lives. As per the scientists malaria protein is the strong weapon to fight against cancer.

As per the reports, Danish researchers were working out for a way to protect pregnant women from malaria as it cause danger by attacking on placenta. At the same time they got to find that armed malaria proteins attack cancer cells. It is a great step towards finding the cure for cancer.

The researchers mixed the malaria vaccine proteins that are used to inter into cells and then they combined it with toxin. As a result, the proteins buried into cancer cells and releasing the toxin killed the cancer causing cells.

Similarity Between Placenta and Cancer

According to scientists, both cases has same consequences as malaria protein combines to same carbohydrate. This similarity in these cases that cure could exploit.

The presence of carbohydrate ensure the quick growth of placenta. The team of scientists came up with the details of this discovery and said that it serve the similar functionality in tumors and malaria. The parasite of malaria combines with cancer cells in similar way thereby killing them off.

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This research has relieved the scientists as they have been searching for a long time to find a way to develop the similarities between placenta and tumour.

Ali Salanti from University of Copenhagen iterated that scientists were searching for way out to find the similarity between placenta growth and tumor. Placenta is an organ that grows quickly out of few cells that weigh approximately two pounds within a few months. It provides oxygen and nourishment to embryo in a foreign environment. In the same way, cancer grows quickly in foreign environment.

This has been tested on mice and on the cells with cancer- as described in journal of Cancer Cell. Scientists anticipated that this discovery can be further tested on humans in the coming next four years.

What Scientists Have to Say?

Salanti said that the biggest issue is whether it is going to wok on human body or not and another one is if the human body would respond to doses without any side effeccts. Scientists are hopeful because proteins seems to attach with the carbohydrate that is found in placenta and in cancer tumors.

The testing on mice, three types of human cancers were implanted in animals.

The experiment results arre given as below-
• Lymphoma tumours of Non-Hodgkin were reduced about quarter size of it.
• Out of 6 mice, two got rid of protstate cancer completely.
• Five mice out of six were alive having metastatic bone cancer as compared to control group all of those died.

A cancer researcher, Mads Daugaard at University of British Columbia in Canada said that they have separated malaria protein that combines to the carbohydrate and then a toxin was added. After conducting the tests on mice, it evident that protein combined with toxin could kill the cancer cells.

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