A Woman driving her new car at very Fast speed

A Woman Buys a New Corvette.

While driving it off the lot she
decides to take it on the highway
and really open things up.

She hits the speed limit of 70MPH
and continues to accelerate.

75MPH… 80MPH… … and out of nowhere a
siren and the flashing lights of a
patrol car come into view of her
rear-view mirror.

Thinking her new car could easily
outrun the police, she speeds up
further until she’s going well over
120MPH but the cop is still in pursuit.

Realizing how stupid she is being, she
slows down and pulls over.

The cop pulls behind her, gets out and
storms over to the car.

The woman is so distraught and apologizes
profusely and explains that she had just
bought the car and made the dumbest mistake
of her life.

Feeling pity, and it being at the end of
his shift, the cop says that if the woman
can make him laugh, he’ll let her go without

Thinking for a moment, she responds:

“Well, Sir, about a week ago, my husband
left me for a Sheriff and I thought you
were trying to bring him back!”

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