A New Born Baby Was Found to be Alive after He Was Dumped in a Black Bin Bag While Umbilical Cord was Still Attached to the Infan

That is the inhuman and horrifying moment while a new born baby was found alive in black bin bag and still attached with umbilical cord. The mass of men and women gathered there to help the newborn at the roadside. It was surprising when they found the baby spreading its arms when picked by a nice Samaritan.

The woman who was wearing the pink tracksuit was filmed holding the infant after putting on the cleaning gloves meant for plastic cleaning. Another woman tore out the piece of cloth so that baby can lie on that. When the infant was held by the woman it became clear that the umbilical cord and placenta were still attached.

The woman carried the baby carefully wrapping it in the material that covered the placenta. However, it the place of filming the video is not unveiled but it is believed to be somewhere in Philippines.


As per Eyewitness News, the body of infant was found in Cape Town, South Africa. A council cleaner saw the body first and informed the police.

China is becoming popular as the abandonment is encouraged by the policy of one child and traditional unfairness for sons who are believed to be supporting parents and outshine their family name. This reason encouraged the abandonment of girl child. As per the statistics, approximately thousands of parents over worldwide dump one or more of their children.

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