6 Tips for Designing a Functional Office Space

If you’re like most people, you know the impact of a workspace. A functional office space enables us to perform at our best and get things done efficiently and effectively. On the other hand, a poorly-designed workplace can make it challenging to complete the simplest tasks.

As employees, we anticipate working in quality workspaces where stress and distractions are minimal. These six tips for designing a functional office space can transform your facility into a comfortable and calm area that supports your team.

Lighten the Load

Before you start thinking about designing an office space, it’s wise to declutter the area. As the first step to a functional working zone, decluttering allows us to rid the office of old, unused, or outdated furnishing and promotes a clean slate.

Once we have a blank canvas, we can better picture the desired office aesthetic and functionality.

Let There Be Light

Did you know that most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors? Imagine sitting at a desk in a windowless office and in front of a computer screen. The lack of natural light can contribute to sleep problems and depression, among other physiological issues.

Consider an office space with glass walls and large windows to allow as much natural light to filter throughout the office as possible.

Add Some Color to Your Life

Color is an effective communication tool that can influence moods and psychological reactions. Studies indicate that specific colors may be associated with increased blood pressure, metabolism, and eyestrain.

When selecting colors for the office space, think about each hue’s function within the area and match shades to align with your business brand.

Invest in Organizational Tools

Having organizational tools maximizes the functionality of a workplace. Consider investing in file cabinets to store company documents that require physical copies.

It would be wise to ensure all office tables and desks have enough storage compartments to allow your team to declutter and re-organize workspaces.

Acquire Comfortable Office Furniture

It’s time to prioritize comfort! When designing your new office, you want our team to feel comfortable during work hours. Incorporate cozy couches, standing desks, and office chairs with cushioning to help reduce pressure on the spine and shoulders.

Consider Improving Air Quality

Poor air quality can contribute to team inefficiency and increased sick leave. Add plants and implement an air filtration system to create a more functional, airy environment. Doing so can help improve the air exchange rate, decreasing adverse health effects.

Working in a sustainable office can promote your productivity and general attitude during the workday. Using these tips, you’ll design a functional office space that helps others feel more balanced and tap into their flow state.

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