Motorcycle accidents can be life-changing. The pain and the trauma you might go through after the accident are truly nerve-chilling to imagine. Not just the physical and emotional damage; motorcycle accidents also result in many expenses, including hospital bills, loss of income, and expenses to repair vehicle damages.

Houston is said to be the worst city in Texas when considering road accident cases. However, this is also why Houston is home to the best car and motorcycle accident law firms. If you encounter an accident, find a trustworthy Houston motorcycle accident lawyer to look after your case and negotiate with insurance companies.

The city has witnessed an increasing rate of road accidents because of its ever-growing population and road traffic. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2021 alone, Houston recorded approximately 67,000 road accident cases.

6 Mistakes a Victim Do After Motorcycle Accidents That Must Be Avoided

After encountering a motorcycle accident, staying focused and not committing mistakes that further lead to serious legal troubles becomes challenging. Especially when the accident has resulted because of the negligence of some other driver, there is a high chance of blame shifting, and you are left facing serious legal charges.

After an accident, it is best to contact the emergency services or the police, but there are a few mandatory things that people usually fail to do. The six common mistakes that almost every motorcycle accident victim unknowingly commits are:

Sharing Vital Information About the Accident

The worst mistake to commit immediately after the accident is sharing vital information about the incident that can otherwise be used as evidence. People usually share the details with the public, their insurance company, or even on their social media platforms, giving the opposition party a chance to shift the blame and use that information to prove that you’re guilty at any point.

Not Seeking Medical Treatment

In most minor motorcycle accident cases, victims usually do not seek proper medical treatment, which threatens their health and harms the settlement case. Without medical records, receiving the compensation you deserve is almost impossible.

Not Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Another common mistake accident victims commit is not hiring a motorcycle accident attorney to file a lawsuit. By thinking of hiring an attorney as an extra expense, they lose their chances of claiming the highest compensation from the insurance company and the opposition parties. Also, sharing vital information can lead to legal troubles without an attorney’s support and guidance.

Failing to Gather Evidence

Most accident victims fail to gather vital evidence that can otherwise support their claims. The important pieces of evidence can be pictures of the accident spot and the damaged vehicle, pictures of the other vehicle involved, the date and time of the accident, statements from witnesses, and many others.

Not Contacting the Police

Contacting the police is the first legal step toward filing a lawsuit. A police record can serve as strong evidence during court proceedings, but most victims fear falling into legal trouble. They do not contact the police and instead face legal issues anyway. The best way to deal with such events is to stay one step ahead and be the first one to contact the police.

Trusting Insurance Companies and Giving Valuable Information

One of the most common mistakes victims make is to trust their insurance companies and inform them of all the important details of the accident. Insurance companies take this information for granted and file a case against you to reject your claims.

Bottom Line

A wrong step or a small mistake the accident victim commits can lead to unexpected circumstances. A little awareness of what to do and what not to do is always helpful. But what is even better is seeking support from legal professionals to guide you and help negotiate with the insurance companies so that you receive the highest amount as compensation.