For many truckers, fuel isn’t just another item on the expense list. It’s often the most substantial outlay they face on the road.

Fluctuating fuel prices and the sheer volume of diesel consumed on long hauls can substantially impact a trucker’s bottom line. As such, the importance of selecting an optimal fuel card becomes evident.

The right choice doesn’t just offer direct cost savings. It can also simplify the administrative side of things by providing clear records of fuel expenses. Often, there are additional perks and rewards as well.

In this blog post, we aim to shed light on the top contenders in the market. This way, you can make an informed decision tailored to your trucking needs. So, buckle up as we explore the best options at your disposal.

Benefits of fuel cards for truck drivers

The primary purpose of these cards is to manage fuel expenses. Nonetheless, their benefits extend well beyond just the pump. Let’s take a closer look at these advantages:

Cost savings

One of the immediate benefits of fuel cards is the potential for cost savings. These cards often come armed with attractive discounts on fuel purchases.

Over the span of a year, these small savings can culminate into a substantial amount. In an industry where profit margins can be thin, every saved penny can directly enhance the bottom line. Specifically, the savings can amplify when miles stretch into the thousands.

Expense tracking

The administrative side of trucking can be quite a hassle, especially when managing a pile of paper receipts. Thanks to modern fuel cards, drivers and fleet managers can now easily keep tabs on fuel expenses. Features like detailed electronic reports and categorizations make preparing for tax submissions or analyzing monthly expenditures more effortless.

Broad acceptance

A trucker’s route can often be unpredictable, with detours and extended trips. With a fuel card that’s accepted everywhere, drivers have the flexibility to refuel at a myriad of stations.

This ensures they’re not going off-course to find a specific brand’s station. It can also lead to optimal fuel pricing due to the range of options available.

Budgeting and control

For fleet managers and trucking company owners, maintaining control over expenses is crucial. Fuel cards offer a unique solution. They set predefined spending limits for each card to make it easier to:

  • Manage budgets
  • Prevent unauthorized spending
  • Ensure that drivers adhere to company policies


In our digital age, convenience is king. Many fuel cards come equipped with intuitive online platforms or mobile apps. These digital tools allow users to swiftly check balances and view transaction histories.

Plus, these also allow truckers to analyze spending trends and even make prompt payments. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the road, managing your fuel expenses is just a click away.

Criteria for choosing the best fuel card for truckers

Navigating the maze of fuel card options can be overwhelming. Just like choosing the right equipment for a truck, selecting the most suitable fuel card is crucial for efficient operations.

To simplify the process, consider the following criteria:

1. Coverage: National or regional

Consider the geographical footprint of the fuel card. For truckers crisscrossing the country, a card that is widely accepted across the nation is essential to ensure seamless refueling. It should cater to both urban highways and remote stretches.

Conversely, drivers who operate within a specific region or state should select a card that offers robust coverage in that particular area. This ensures they’re not going off track in search of an accepted fuel station.

2. Accepted fueling stations and network

Beyond mere geographical coverage, delve into the specific stations or chains that accept the card. A fuel card might be usable nationwide. However, if it’s only accepted at less-convenient locations or pricier stations, its value diminishes.

A wide and varied network ensures that you can always find a nearby station. As such, it minimizes detours and optimizes routes, which is particularly essential for those time-sensitive deliveries.

3. Discounts and rebates

While many cards might offer discounts, it’s essential to understand the structure of these savings. Try to ask the following questions:

  • Are the discounts immediate, or are they in the form of monthly rebates?
  • Do they apply to all fuel types or only specific ones?
  • What’s the average savings per gallon?

Asking these questions can provide clarity on how much you’re genuinely saving. Remember, with the trucking business’ vast fuel consumption, even slight differences in discounts can lead to significant annual savings.

4. Transaction fees and account management

The devil is often in the details. Some fuel cards may promote attractive rebates and discounts, but they could come with various hidden fees. This could be monthly card fees, transaction fees, or even fees for not meeting a certain fuel quota.

It’s imperative to scrutinize the terms and conditions and be aware of any associated costs. The goal is to ensure that the fees don’t negate the benefits you receive from the card.

Top 6 fuel cards for truckers

Now, let’s delve deeper into the best trucking fuel cards you can consider:

1. Factoring Express fuel card

Factoring Express offers more than just trucking gas cards. With a keen understanding of the trucking industry’s demands, they have crafted solutions tailored to streamline and enhance truckers’ operations. Their integrated offerings – from fuel card services to accounting – highlight their commitment to being the best trucker fuel card today.

With the Factoring Express Fuel Card, truckers can drive with peace of mind. The card boasts premium coverage, accepted at over 1,900 locations across the U.S. Whether it’s a major chain or a smaller station, this card has got you covered.

One of the standout features of the Factoring Express Fuel Card is its robust rewards program. Truckers can capitalize on premium fuel discounts, ensuring substantial savings. Every time you refuel, know that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

2. Shell Fleet Navigator card

Shell, a global leader in the energy sector, has continuously evolved its services to meet the diverse needs of its customers. With the Shell Fleet Navigator Card, they have unveiled a premium solution catering specifically to the demands of truckers. This fuel discount card for truckers exemplifies Shell’s dedication to delivering value-added services to its users.

With the Shell Fleet Navigator Card, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past. Truckers can confidently traverse the highways, knowing they have access to over 13,000 Shell stations nationwide.

Furthermore, the card’s versatility shines through, as it’s accepted at more than 95% of fueling stations across the country. Whether you’re deep in the heartland or along coastal roads, a fueling station is never far away.

The heart of the Shell Fleet Navigator Card lies in its impressive rebate system. As you refuel, you stand to gain substantial savings, with rebates reaching up to 6 cents per gallon. It’s not just about fueling up. It’s about fueling up smartly, ensuring every drop comes with the added advantage of savings.

3. WEX FlexCard

WEX has been at the forefront of providing versatile fuel solutions that cater to a myriad of needs. The company ensures that its offerings are not just about fuel but about optimizing the entire refueling experience.

Navigating North America’s vast roads, a trucker’s best companion is the WEX FlexCard. This best fuel card for truck drivers lets you fuel up at virtually any major truck stop or gas station across the U.S. and Canada. Bypass the restrictions of brand-specific cards, and embrace the freedom to refuel at over 95% of truck stops throughout the continent.

The WEX FlexCard isn’t just about convenience. It’s about smart savings too. Every time you pull into a station and use the FlexCard, you stand to gain an automatic rebate of $0.03 cents per gallon. Over time, these savings accumulate, offering tangible financial relief to operators on the move.

4. Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card

Fuelman stands tall as a trusted name, especially among small fleet operators. Their long-standing commitment is evident in their mission to provide fuel cards that synergize both savings and functionality. With an emphasis on cost control, Fuelman has been enabling businesses to manage their fuel expenses effectively and efficiently.

Stretching its acceptance footprint, the Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card ensures you’re never too far from a refueling point. Boasting an impressive network, cardholders can fuel up at approximately 40,000 service stations nationwide.

This expansive coverage is nearly rivaling industry giants like WEX, ensuring uninterrupted journeys regardless of your route. That’s why it’s considered one of the best fuel cards for trucking companies.

Understanding that fleets have varying needs, Fuelman offers differentiated rebates for unleaded and diesel fuels. Both rebate structures are crafted to be competitive. As a result, it lets budget-conscious fleet operators derive the maximum benefit with each gallon purchased.

5. ExxonMobil Fleet Pro Card

This truck driver fuel card embodies ExxonMobil’s commitment to cater to fleet operators by offering an efficient and budget-friendly fueling solution. The ExxonMobil Fleet Pro Card is predominantly tailored for ExxonMobil stations. However, its acceptance doesn’t end there.

Most gas stations across the nation will welcome your FleetPro card. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that fueling outside of the ExxonMobil network incurs a modest $2 monthly fee.

With FleetPro, every fuel purchase isn’t just about the gasoline – it’s also about the rewards. As you fuel up, you accumulate FleetPro points, which can unlock a myriad of savings. The more you fuel, the more you save. These rewards, based on your fuel sales, ensure that each gallon contributes to your next saving opportunity.

6. ARCO Business Solutions Mastercard

The ARCO Business Solutions Mastercard is also one of the top fuel cards for truckers. It stands as a testament to innovation and collaboration. By partnering with Mastercard, ARCO ventures beyond its signature affordability to deliver an efficient fuel card solution.

One of the most distinct features of the ARCO Business Solutions card is its versatility. This card gains acceptance at a myriad of gas stations, not just ARCO’s. So, wherever you spot a Mastercard logo, know that ARCO Business Solutions is welcome.

The card’s design is especially attractive for businesses with high fuel consumption. Once you hit the threshold of 5,000 gallons, ARCO graciously waives the monthly membership fee. As such, it ensures even more savings for your business.

What is the best fuel card for truckers?

The ideal fuel cards for trucking businesses depend on preferences and routes. For nationwide hauls, consider the Factoring Express, especially with its additional factoring services. When selecting, weigh the benefits, network reach, and potential savings.

The ultimate goal? Maximize efficiency and savings, ensuring a smoother ride down the road. Safe travels!