5 Basic Maintenance Tips for Your E-Bike

If you are the proud owner of an e-bike or you are seriously considering getting one, you need to learn how to take care of it. These five basic maintenance tips for your e-bike will help you maintain your e-bike in the best way possible.

Schedule Maintenance

If you buy your e-bike somewhere local, it is easier to return and perform scheduled maintenance at the shop. Still, if you decide to get your e-bike or e-bike kit to convert your regular bike, you need to find a reliable local shop to help you with the maintenance. It’s wise to address routine repairs once a year to keep it running smooth and not interfere with your daily commute and activities.

Keep the Battery Charged

A battery will take you places. Keeping the charge is an essential part of extending its life for better performance. Top off the battery whenever you have a chance and use the eco-mode when possible. Batteries are the main feature of the e-bike, and by taking diligent care of it, you will essentially take care of your bike’s brain. You should always have and carry an extra battery just in case one runs out of power.

Check Your Tires

Always check your tires after every ride to check for nails or rocks that could puncture and damage your tires. Low air in your tires will slow you down and drain your battery because of the extra energy needed. This quick inspection is one of the best practices to prevent accidents and stay safe. Getting insurance for your e-bike that covers yourself, your bike, and others in an emergency is always beneficial.

Store Your E-Bike

Changing weather, sun, and cold could affect your e-bike’s performance, especially the performance of the battery. Keep your bike stored whenever you are not using it; elements like cold will drain your battery’s charge much faster. Clean it with a wet cloth after every use to rid it of mud and prepare it for storage. Proper storage will also help you avoid loss or theft.

Clean the Breaks

With an e-bike, you get more speed and distance; checking your breaks constantly before and after use will ensure you get safely to your destination. This is an easy maintenance tip for your e-bike that will prevent any accidents. Fortunately, if they wear out, you can replace them yourself. Prevent your disks from getting scratched by keeping your breaks clean and ready.

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