Consider the following ideas as you navigate grief. Read these three ways to honor your cat that has passed away.

1. Treasure a Keepsake

Nothing compares to the physical presence of your cat. A keepsake can help you focus your grief on a physical object, helping you feel closer to a presence that’s now in your heart. Some popular ideas for keepsakes include a painting of your cat, an engraved wind chime, and pet memorial ornaments. Many pet funeral homes offer remembrance packages that allow you to create a shadow box or encased paw print to help you remember your beloved pet.

2. Donate to an Animal Charity

So many organizations help animals get the care they need. Donating to an animal charity honors your cat and helps improve conditions for animals. You have a lot of charities to consider, but any legitimate animal charity is worthy of your help. Whether you want to target cats in need, all domestic animals, or non-domesticated animals, consider donating your time or helping financially.

3. Plant a Tree or Perennial Flowers

Another way to honor your cat that has passed away is to plant a tree or perennial flowers. This living memorial makes a beautiful and eco-friendly addition to your yard. You’ll watch the tree grow over the years, and it will always make you think of your cat. If you plant perennial flowers, their beautiful presence will remind you of your dear companion when they come up every spring.

We can honor our cats by treasuring a keepsake, donating to an animal charity, or planting a tree or flowers. By doing one or all of these activities, you can continue to connect with your beloved pet.