3 Tips for Fishing Successfully at Night

When you go night fishing, you have less competition from other fishers. And some argue that some species of fish are more active at night, especially on nights with full moons.

Even with these advantages, you should prepare yourself so you can catch more fish. Read these three tips for fishing successfully at night.

Choose the Time and Place

Plan the time and place you want to night fish. In general, you want to go out on clear, calm nights. Fish are more active in these waters than on windy days with rough waves. The best hours for night fishing tend to be between 8:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m.

You should arrive at your location before the sun sets so that you can set everything up and get familiar with the water. If you’re targeting specific fish, go to areas that attract that fish. For example, bass like to bed by backing into corners so they don’t have as much area to defend. Head to these likely areas, but if they don’t bite, move on.

Bring the Right Gear

The next tip for successful night fishing is to bring the right gear. If you want to maximize your catch, choose the right night fishing light for your trip. A true green light will attract fish. Choose between a floating fishing light, above-water light, and underwater light, depending on where you’re fishing and what you hope to catch.

You should also bring extra flashlights and a blanket and wear slip-resistant shoes. Keep yourself hidden and warm in dark clothes and long sleeves.

Rely on Touch-Sensitive Techniques

At night, both you and the fish will be more reliant on vibrations and touch. Let your baits and lures generate a lot of movement to attract fish and encourage them to bite. Spinnerbaits that change the flow of water can be especially effective for catching perch and bass.

You should choose a fishing line and rod that increases your sensitivity. One great rod option for increased sensitivity is a graphite rod since this material conveys vibrations well. Braided lines are also very sensitive.

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