3 Delicious Sweet and Spicy Combinations To Try on Your Menu

Most trends come and go, but the good ones will last a while. Food trends tend to last longer since fads take a long time to sweep through the food industry and trickle from restaurants down to consumers. One food trend we’re currently seeing and expect to continue seeing is the combination of sweet and spicy flavors. Keep reading to learn about three delicious sweet and spicy combinations you can try on your menu to hop on this trend while it lasts.

Pineapple Salsa

Salsa is a popular condiment around the world and comes in various flavors, including the sweet-spicy combination of pineapple with traditional salsa spices like chili powder and cumin. Salsa is easy to customize, so you have control over exactly how much sweetness and spice goes into this dish. If your customers tend to prefer sweeter treats, be sure to add plenty of pineapple.

If they’ve never tried pineapple salsa before and are wary of the new combination, add less. Another popular fruit to add to salsa is mango. If your customers don’t like the pineapple combination, offer a mango version and see if they like that better.

Pulled Pork With Jalapeños

If you want a main course that’s sweet and spicy, consider pulled pork. You can flavor pulled pork with almost any kind of dry rub and sauce you want, which gives you a great opportunity for a sweet-spicy combination.

Most people use brown sugar somewhere in their dry rub or sauce, which will caramelize to give you that delicious sweetness your customers already love. To add some spice, consider adding ground spices like pepper or whole ingredients like jalapeños. Jalapeños are a delicious addition to pulled pork; you can even serve whole ones on the side of the dish for adventurous customers.

Vanilla Ice Cream and Chili Oil

One of the most delicious food trends currently on the internet that we can expect to continue seeing in 2023 is vanilla ice cream and chili oil. This is already a popular choice in many Asian countries, especially China, and it’s taken TikTok by storm.

The chili oil offers a spice and crunch we don’t normally get to experience with ice cream, and many of your customers are sure to enjoy it. For those wary about sweet-spicy combinations, this is also a good treat to start with since the dairy in the ice cream will help keep their mouth cool despite the spicy oil.

There are lots of sweet and spicy combinations you can try on your menu to jump on emerging food trends and please your customers. You can add them as appetisers, main courses, desserts, and even side dishes to add complexity to your menu and satisfy various preferences.

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