How to Get Rid of Maggots?

Maggot infestations can be a pesky little nuisance that no one really desires in their home. Don’t worry! The most crucial step to getting rid of an infestation is identifying you have one… and guessing by the fact that you’re here, you’re good to go. With this guide, you’ll be repelling those blood suckers in no time.

How to get rid of maggots on kitchen floor?

Maggots are usually found in kitchens or open dining spaces where there’s uncovered food. This food attracts flies which lay their eggs there which consequently hatch into larvae. Assuming you have a tiled kitchen and various nooks and crannies to attend to, here are some remedies that should be helpful:

Heated Dog Shampoo : : You’d have never thought your precious pet’s hair product would be on this list, did you? But the fact is that hot dog shampoo is an excellent pest killer and is an easily available option.

Bleach : :Add a cup of bleach and 1.5 cups of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of boiling water and bid adieu to maggots in no time.

Mixture of Water and Vinegar : Use this afterwards to maintain the pest-less integrity of your kitchen. It should keep them away for good.

How to get rid of maggots in carpet?

Carpets are a tedious affair, and we’re assuming you don’t want to undergo the trouble of removing it to get any cleaning done. In such a scenario, you can use a glass of beer near the carpet to attract and drown the insects living in the carpet.

Of course this is unlikely to be as effective as the other tricks mentioned in this guide but it helps keep them at bay till the time you prepare yourself for a complete strip down of the apartment.

How to get rid of maggots in bin?

Bins can be a breeding spot for these insects if left unchecked. However, they’re relatively easier to clean as well. Use either:

• Bleach; or
• A solution of hot water and carburetor cleaner

Pour these in the bin and shut its lid. Let them do their job for an hour or so and then proceed to clean the bin of their corpses.

How to get rid of maggots on patio?

Any chemicals mentioned previously should be of use here as well. Ultimately, it comes down to the specific floors of your patio. Usually, these should be viable alternatives:

• Common Table Salt
• Diatomaceous earth

Just sprinkle these over the insects and it should do the trick while avoiding the smell that the previously-mentioned chemicals may leave. In the future, try cleaning your place with eucalyptus or peppermint oil to keep the maggots permanently away.

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